Wappler 3.7.8 Released

Wappler 3.7.8 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Lots of improvements this week based on your great feedback! Many new Wappler customization options and tons of stability improvements.
We have update Bootstrap 5 to be at the latest beta 2 and also the Bootstwatch 5 themes.
Further more we have improved the Database Manager and Server Connect Query builders with even better database support and UI.

We have also added a new provider for docker hosting - Hetzner with great prices and awesome servers!

Bootstrap 5

  • Updated to the latest Bootstrap 5 beta 2
  • Added 4 new Bootswatch 5 themes - Morph, Quartz, Vapor and Zephyr
  • Updated Bootswatch to Bootswatch 5 beta 2
  • Updated Navigation, Popovers and Tooltips for better detection and working
  • Modals - add responsive fullscreen options
  • Popovers and Tooltips - default auto positioning

Booststrap 4

  • Updated Tooltips for better detection and working


  • Added support for dotenv module for setting different environment variables
  • Fix base url in partials (#30101)[Images within partials do not render in editor]
  • Improved local NodeJS server start failure detection
  • Include the dotenv node module
  • Always ignore .env file for ftp upload and also add it to gitignore as it is meant for local development environment only

NodeJS Templating

  • Fixed Server Side Data expression picker, like the one for meta tags
  • Optimize it to generate always a single server side expression

Server Connect

  • Improved Global options UI
  • Save not the global options per target, so you can have different settings for each target
  • Add Global options for using redis and session storage
  • Added also methods options for the CORS settings
  • Add toolbar action in global settings now add new one of the same
  • Context menu shows also Add … of the type Global currently selected
  • Global Options - made redis and sessions options only for NodeJS
  • Fixed editing of static textareas like in the mailer step
  • Fixed Server Connect chooser for ASP.NET
  • Fully implement Library items, duplication, copy and move - also on library folders
  • Improved move confirmation prompts for NodeJS to display the right paths
  • Prohibit copy or move from api actions to library or global settings
  • Global settings like db connections and others, can’t be duplicated, so disable duplicate toolbar icon and context menu
  • Automatic create Database Connection in Database Manager if a Server Connect Connection is created. Use the same credentials initially but change the hostname to the remote. If you have completely different direct connection settings, you can edit it afterwards in the Database Manager
  • Improved refresh after Database Connection creation

Docker Machine Manager

  • Added Hetzner - an awesome German hosting provider with great server prices and speed! And now instantly available in Wappler!
  • Updated the included Docker Machine to the latest gitlab fork for the latest most stable version
  • Reset the Create New Machine form for subsequential server creations
  • Added the CPU optimized AMD Epyc2 based servers for Hetzner

Database Manager

  • Allow to define direct connections on new targets
  • When no valid direct database hasn’t been established yet for a target, show a error message about that in the Database Query/Updates steps when the target is selected.
  • Fix missing changes and seeds next for the Postgres database
  • Improved working with databases and tables in mixed case in Postgres

Database Connector & Updater

  • Improved schema support and refreshing in cooperation with the Database Manager
  • Improved UI of the Query builder to show the same icons as in Database Manager
  • Fully use the schema from the Database Manager and no longer store it per Server Connect connection file
  • Refresh schema now forces the Database Manager to fetch fresh schema from your database

Project Targets

  • Improved targets management and refresh of the current target on save. Active target remain the same even if renamed

Publishing Manager

  • Removed the default “Local” targets for project that have more targets. It was meant for local files only anyway

Docker Manager

  • Improved docker with various docker targets. Now when a target is deleted also the local docker containers for it are cleared
  • Keep the containers under the same name even if the target is renamed, to have them running.

Git Manager

  • Ask for the special Heroku login if not logged in first

Heroku Publishing

  • Heroku Login goed to browser directly for authorization - no need to press a key first

Project Options Targets

  • Improved targets rename and cleanup of deleted ones.

Pages Manager

  • Fixed changing page description and thumbnail.

App Connect Event Calendar

  • Added additional data properties for the calendar like, title, active and current start and end dates

App Connect Validator

  • Improved form validation to be Bootstrap 5 compatible

Server Data Formatter

  • Fixed join formatter encoding

App Connect Routing

  • Improved view component and its history state, so that back navigation always work even on partial updates


  • Optimize loading of files and folders lists for speed
  • Fixed Mac devices tooltip icon
  • Improved Homebrew installed detection on Mac
  • Open editor in code view when coming from search and it was in design
  • Added option for default view (Allow to open new files in code or split view)
  • Added option to enable/disable app connect in designview

Bug Fixes


But wait there is more! A few more fixes to make your work even smoother :slight_smile:

We had some UI datapicker problems with the output data for new Server Actions that use the Query Builder.
So if you have edited those with Wappler 3.7.7, you might want to re-save them with the new Wappler 3.7.8

Database Connector

  • Fix empty data pickers from the query builders

FTP Publishing

  • Improved uploading of restart.txt to reload remote NodeJS servers


  • Improved detection of local server running

Bug fixes


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