Bad Formatting of JSON Data in API in ServerAction

Wappler 3.7.6
Win 10 Pro

the JSON Data in API to show api call body like this:

it shows it like this, with an error:

saving with " doesn’t make a difference - it gets changed back to " after saving.

Please fix.

I’ve seen this bad formatting creep in elsewhere, too. When adding for matters on the FE but also in the email body in SC. Perhaps a global issue?

It seems not an isolated issue than I thought. Just reported quite similar bug. Probably they changed something to the program in a rush after being triggered by the Wappler art post before… :sweat_smile:

This is quite a critical issue and compromises our productivity. Hopefully it’ll be fixed asap.

i just found one issue - will report more in this post if i find!

Can confirm the same bug on Mac. Just opened a Node project created about two weeks ago to find the JSON formatting in an api action has been wrapped in unnecessary " tags. Buggy release this week guys!!

As a workaround once you finished modifying the SC you could open the file in the code view or a 3rd party editor(i.e. vs code) and search and replace " for "

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I know, just annoying though.

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@Qaiser I think the bug we saw today was this?

This has been fixed in Wappler 3.7.7

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