Add Hetzner Cloud as a Docker Machine Provider

It would be great to add Hetzner as an option for a preconfigured Docker Machine Provider as in the list here:


Can you explain why Hetzner? We may be exploring an alternative to AWS.

Sure, in my opinion Hetzner is a fantastic cloud service. Its very reliable (we have used them for many years) and the machines seem very performant. But the main benefit over others like Digital Ocean, Linode etc is that they are even better priced so are a kinder (on the wallet) place for incubator projects but also cheaper as you need more resources. I imagine moving away from AWS to any of the other providers you would be seeing a considerable price drop (however you may also lose some features depending on how integrated you are to AWS’s ecosystem). What I love about Hetzner (and Linode, DO etc) is that its just clear what you are paying. If you go to AWS “simple” calculator you need to know the inside leg measurement of Jeff Bezos great grandfathers twice removed cousin to get an accurate cost, and even then you could be stuck with an unexpected bill because a process went crazy and used up some more IOPs than you were expecting.

The Cloud Console panel is very nice and easy to use, scalable distributed block storage is also available. I just think they are a great alternative. The only downside really is that they are only have nodes in Germany and Helsinki so they are not as global as other providers (oh and no S3 compatible service which is a shame)

I wouldn’t say however this is a critical feature to implement as @JonL pointed out this can be setup manually Web Development with Docker Part 2, Databases and Terminals


Thank you for this write up!! Much appreciated.

Sweet Jesus! What a speed and what great prices!
I just tried Hetzner and it is awesome! Those Germans know what quality is :slight_smile:


At least the half of the Digital Ocean prices and so much more speed!!
Also server creation is almost instantly!

So yes Hetzner is coming with the next update :slight_smile:


Nice to hear.

Check this post. There is a great article in it. A bit old now but probably still very valid.

Well I was blown away by how user friendly their admin panel was and how smooth everything went!

Provisioning a full blown docker server was just so fast from within Wappler!
and such a great speed for just 2.49 - amazing.

Digital Ocean should definitely take notes.

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But still nothing beats Oracle Free Cloud offering right now. You should really consider it.

  • 2 Compute VMs, each with 1/8 OCPU and 1 GB memory
  • 2 Block Volumes, 100 GB total, with up to 5 free backups
  • 10 GB Object Storage, 10 GB Archive Storage, and 50,000/month API requests
  • 1 Load Balancer, 10 Mbps bandwidth
  • 10 TB/month Outbound Data Transfer

I am using both instances with a ubuntu image and I am running via docker a lot of supporting tools for my projects.

You can load balance both instances and you have 2 vCPU with 2GB RAM for 0€


Good to hear :slight_smile: I’m a happy client since 15 years. First I started with their Root Servers and now have a Managed Server (with 2 NodeJS Servers running).

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Awesome glad its coming so soon! It is amazing the value you can get from it. Hourly billing as well so if you want to just quikly spin up a server to test something publicly it can cost you like £0.01 for an hours test. Its crazy really.

Yes indeed - I already spinned up 10 servers for testing and if deleted directly, didn’t have to pay anything. Left one running for an hour and it was just 2cent indeed

Here is the latest price list, added even the more powerful AMD ones:



Hi @George, is it possible that you also have a look at ionos? They also have S3.

I‘m using their S3 service and the support team is really great.

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Hetzner is now available in Wappler 3.7.7

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Btw if you want to get 20 euro in credit with Hetzner, use this link:

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