Open Page in Code View When Opened From Search


Ever since using Wappler, the search panel has been a great tool to search and replace text across project files.
But it has two very nasty bugs. One is lack of enter key support to search. Second is as in the title.

The search results show piece of code. But on clicking, the file opens in design view, with cursor at the searched line (but hidden!). If the result is, say a form, the form is correctly shown as selected in right panel when file is opened, which is great.
But, if the code is not recognized by Wappler as one of its known components, there is no indication in the UI. And, if I click on “code” to go to code view, the line does not have focus, making it hard to identify.
Now, while in code view, if I double-click the same search result, it moves the cursor to result line.

So, I would like to request for a simple toggle in Search panel in Wappler settings to always open pages from result in code view.

Or, to make it one better, if there could be a universal option to always open pages in code view as suggested here - Option to set and forget - "Open All Pages in Code View" - it could also open search results in code view then.

This would be a nice QoL addition.
Lack of this feature makes me work in VSC more than intended.

Edit: Actually it could be treated as a bug.

If you search, click on a result, click on code view and then click on any of the lines of the search results it will take you directly to the line in the code view.


Therefore I think this feature was meant to be opened always in code view.

You can run the search with a key combination: Tab+Enter. Tab will move focus to the Find All button which responds to the Enter key. This is not obvious as there is no visual indication that the button has focus (perhaps a mini bug).

However, I would prefer the search working just by pressing Enter, as you suggest.

Even more, I wish the search field would get focus after pressing Ctrl+Alt+F to display the search panel. A few little tweaks like these - your main request and these keyboard shorcuts - would make such a difference to this feature.

A better idea, if possible, would be for the page to open on the same layout as it was when last closed. This could be design or code view depending on the state of the last open.

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I use tab+space.


This would be great, but would require some storage to save each file’s state.
I think having a universal option as mentioned here would be more appropriate.

To summarize the discussions and other FR:

This FR and the other two all talk about design/code/split view and search panel improvements in Wappler.
I ask too much… but if all could be released together, it would be great. :smile: @patrick


:pray: Thank you so much @patrick & others. Looks like its going to be another amazing update this Thursday.

This has been implemented in Wappler 3.7.7