Disable App Connect and show Split View as default when opening a file

I’ve found that I’m always using split view so every time I open a file, the first two things I do is disable the App Connect lightning bolt and switch to split view. Would be lovely to have these two as settings in the options.

Me too!

And I’ve found one of my pages has recently started hanging Wappler if I start editing any part of it with the thunder bolt on, so this feature would be super useful.

Wasn’t there already a FR for this? Can’t seem to find it.
Has been discussed before. Very important options to have.

I expect this has been asked for or mentioned so many times, perhaps it was assumed it was an official FR, but wasn’t. I can’t find a FR for this.

I think it’s also been mentioned in connection with keyboard shortcut requests; if it were implemented, it would make sense to have shorcuts for the three view options (but a default option would be the most important feature).

I did search to see if it had already been requested and was surprised to find it hadn’t. Or if it had, I couldn’t find it! Hopefully it’s one of those easy-to-implement features which will make a big difference to our time in Wappler :slight_smile:


Happy days. :slight_smile: Thanks @patrick.

I think this will be one of my favourite updates for a while.


Wow, wasn’t expecting this. Thanks @patrick!

Now I’m wondering how many people will be unhappy about this change… :thinking:

Me too!

I’m hoping it’ll be added to the options so nothing will change for anyone unless they change that option.

Why would anyone be unhappy about optional settings :slight_smile: ?


I know I will likely be using that setting. Pretty happy about it.

I didn’t realise it would be optional!

Well, we will never force anyone to use split view with app connect mode off :grinning: that’s pretty much against everything we’re doing in Wappler…


In 10 years time nobody here will be using anything visual or any of the helpers from Wappler UI.

All of us will be using code view, custom queries and custom modules. Mark my words.

The road to hardcore geekism has been paved.

You mean on client side?
Custom queries and custom modules are still technically Wappler UI. :sweat_smile:

Yeah. Don’t mind me :smiley:

I think in 10 years there will be more people coming from no-code background to low/no-code tools :slight_smile: So there will still be many of them using the visual parts (which will evolve in 10 years)

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