Option to set and forget - "Open All Pages in Code View"

Just a simple option in OPTIONS for the few of us that work primarily in code view and want pages to open in code view by default.


This would save me a click every time I open file.

Even if I didn’t want to see design and code all the time, the layout is much better proportioned in split view if you’re using a wide screen.


I very much hope this will be implemented. I almost never want a file to open in Design view.

However, if it is implemented, I hope there will be options to choose which view is used as the default, not specifically code view as in the original request. I almost always use Split view.

So a modification of the request would be a option in Wappler settings to set default file view:
Design, Code, Split.

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This has been implemented in Wappler 3.7.7, now you can select a preferred default view in Wappler General Settings.