Wappler 3.7.6 Released

Wappler 3.7.6 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Fantastic new additions and tons of fixes for you this week!
Please welcome the full embracement of Homebrew and Scoop in Wappler! The best open source and tools installers available!
Now after an initial Wappler installation - all the required tools like Node, Git, Docker etc will be installed fully automatic on demand! With your permission of course.
So just run System Check to try it all out!

Furthermore we have greatly extended the Database Manager with Multi Schema support for Postgres and also working with Database Views on all Databases!

Read below for more detailed info

Full support for Homebrew and Open Source command line tools

  • No longer do you need to install additional command line programs any longer! Wappler does it automatically for you!
  • Wappler uses the power of two great installers Homebrew (https://brew.sh/) for MacOS and Scoop (https://scoop.sh/) for Windows
  • On system check those installers are installed automatically and then Wappler can install additional tools on demand!
  • The best things of those two Homebrew installers is that they are very safe and don’t polute your OS as they install under the local user
  • Automatic Homebrew installation now for Mac and Linux
  • Improved all NodeJS installation checks to auto install and update it with the package managers
  • Fully automatically install NodeJS and Git, when needed! Thanks to our integration with Brew on Mac and Scoop on Windows. Setting up your NodeJS develop environtment has never been easier!
  • Automatically installs node, if the projects requires it.
  • Check on project services startup if node is installed and if not install it first.
  • On demand install the Homebrew or Scoop installers - only when needed to install other components like NodeJS, Git or Docker.
  • System check now checks only the needed components for the active target
  • Automatically install docker on projects that require it
  • Allow Docker Desktop and NodeJS to run directly after installation, no Wappler restart is needed
  • Show nice informational popups during installation or update of the various components
  • Show new installation in progress notifications when tools are being installed.
  • When installing MacOS Homebrew - alert first the user that it will be installed and a prompt for password will appear.
  • Implemented Docker Desktop auto install as well auto start if not running but needed on Mac. Thanks to MacOS Homebrew
  • Added support for Linuxbrew to install additional software on Linux
  • Automatic Docker install and start now also on Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Ask to choose to install the Tooling installers like Homebrew or Scoop, during system check
  • Improved the installation process of the Tooling installers
  • Added additional check if XCode Command Line tools are installed on a Mac and if not allow to install them
  • Improved the installation needed XCode Command Line Tools, to be cancelable
  • Improved install on demand when project is opened
  • Improved Automatic Docker Desktop installation on Windows, in case it was canceled once

Database Manager

  • Great improvements for Postgres databases. Now all the database schemas are displayed and you can see all the tables under each schema
  • Database Connector & Updater in Server Connect now displays the Postgres schema nicely as prefix of each table
  • Added support for Database Views! For all supported database like MySQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres and SQLite
  • Now you can see all the available view in the database structure and use them in the Database Query Builders just as regular tables!
  • Database Connection options like host, user and database are now required
  • Improved error reporting when testing database connections
  • Added full support for Microsoft SQL Server and its schema’s. Now all tables are retrieved and not only the ones from dbo. Schema is shows as table prefix
  • Improved schema fetching on MySQL 8 data type, was giving wrong unsupported errors since the previous update
  • Improved error reporting on connection errors
  • Make sure the Query Schema loader is always removed on errors

Publishing Manager

  • New great progress notifications when starting up services for Docker or Node

Docker Manager

  • Automatically install Docker Desktop if not installed yet
  • Automatically start Docker Desktop when you open docker based projects if it was not running yet
  • Build new containers and start when they are not build yet - as on new installs or project clone
  • Improved refreshing of the docker toolbar and also add an extra refresh icon
  • Added progress notify when starting up Docker Desktop
  • Auto detect if Docker has quit and reflect that in the Docker toolbar
  • Improved Docker status detection on Linux

Docker Machine

  • Fixed docker version to solve errors on docker machine creation
  • Added new option to easy regenerate security keys of an existing docker machine.

Project Manager

  • Improved Cloning Git projects. Now you can enter your own project name. Also If the project had local user urls they are rewritten to the current project
  • Local NodeJS project doesn’t need local folder any more in the project settings. Can be left empty
  • Improved list refresh after importing new projects

App Connect Routing

  • Updated routing to prevent updating component in routes that do not match

Bootstrap 5

  • Improved badge initial template
  • Bootstrap 5 Modals - Removed unnecessary role dialog
  • Bootstrap 5 Alerts - Fixed js error in bootstrap 5 alert component

S3 Connector

  • Added contentType/contentDisposition options to S3 getFile, to allow to set metadata of the file, so you can force download for example by setting contentDisposition to “attachment” (php/node)
  • Added new S3 downloadFile action (php/node)

Server OAuth2 Connector

  • Follow redirects in oauth flow (php)

Server Connect

  • Added new abort and reset actions to the Server Connect component, client side
  • Improved working with library actions in ASP.NET
  • Disable Open in Browser for Library items and folders


  • Fixed typo in randomize formatter for NodeJS
  • Added missing recaptcha module
  • Validation Unicode fixed

Pages Manager

  • Improved Edit Page dialog to now show extension and rename the real file
  • Also for NodeJS it automatically renames the route as well


  • Improved UI to allow html codes in the visual expression editor
  • Improved the sizing of the visual expression editor when there is a lot of content
  • Improved the edit content icon next to the visual expression editor, to save its value directly
  • Improved global keys binding
  • Improved html display in grids like Custom Query and Database Updaters
  • Greatly optimized the speed and rendering quality of the icons on Wapplers UI
  • Changed updating of document on save (css)

Bug Fixes