DB table fields do not change after successful update (using DB Manager)

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Wappler Version : 3.0.1
Operating System : Mac
NodeJS app.

Expected behavior

I am trying to change a table field from integer to reference. I expect after updating the schema (and a successful change appears) for this field to now be changed.

Actual behavior

The schema appears to update, I have a successful update shown in changes. Yet when I open the table, the changes have reverted back to integer.

How to reproduce

  1. Open table
  2. click on the field
  3. change type from integer to reference
  4. choose the right reference table
  5. click apply database changes
  6. after successful update go back to table to view change - no change has taken place.
  7. This has happened on older tables, and also a brand new table.

Just attempted this again.

I can add two additional bugs found:

When I first tried to create the table, an intermittent bug I have found is that on occassion when clicking reference it will not find the database. If I add another field then try reference it might then work. As a workaround to store the field, I then have to change it to string. Update the db schema and then go back to the table.

When I then try to change the string to a reference link - it uploads the changes fine, and then when I go back - it’s now changed from string to integer, but no reference.

Postgres db by the way.

Can you post a few screenshots of what you are doing exactly and what exactly are you trying to change and what’s the result?

I don’t know how I can be more expressive?

I am creating a new field in a database table. The above bugs appear when trying to change a field to a reference field.

Two bugs appear:
one, the connected db tables do not appear for me to select a table.
two, if I find the table and try to change ‘type’ string to ‘type’ reference, the change is successful based on the UI/UX feedback, but then when I go back to that table in the DB Manager, it has now changed from ‘type’ string to ‘type’ integer, and not reference.

I actually seem to have been able to solve it, by selecting the table then clicking add new field, instead of having a table field selected then clicking add new (to add it beneath). This worked fine doing it that way, but it failed when trying to add a new field with another field selected.

It’s still a bit unclear to me what exactly the issue is, but i will try to recreate this locally.

Another screen, I just cannot update any field type in the DB to a reference link without errors. So I have to delete the field and create a new one.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 8.52.32 am