MySQL Views in Wappler

Okay I have such a dumb question but I have spent what seem’s like an eternity trying to figure this out.

I am loving Wappler and still learning the software, as a longtime Dreamweaver user this is an amazing tool.

I read so much about people saying “Create a view in MySQL and use it in Wappler” great, but I cannot get it to display.
I have numerous tables with joins, insert and deletes using Wappler, all working like a charm, however I have a “Count, Group By, Having” View in MySQL that displays and works (in MySQL) however when I add the View to Wappler it returns nothing.

I create an action file, add a connection and query (don’t use any joins just the view), create the Server Connect and add a table, the headers are picked up and displayed however nothing, no data, just blank.

I have looked and looked but I am unable to figure it out, apparently i’m not that bright, I am setting the View up the same way I set up from a Table and all my tables work exactly as needed.

What am I missing? (is there a tutorial available?)
I’m connected to MySQL via a remote connection, however as stated the Table queries work fine.


Have you tried activating debug mode in the server connect settings and looking for errors in your browser’s developer console?

@Hyperbytes Thank you for the suggestion, I’m getting a “SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1615 Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared” on my Views only.

I have limited administration to MySQL due to my shared hosting, however, I created a new view using recommendations … (below)

SELECT x.mins_contact,x.mins_min3, Count(*) as cnt
From (select mins_contact,mins_min3 from acts_mins) x
group by x.mins_contact
having cnt = 1 and x.mins_min3 = 6;

This returns all entities that only have a single entry AND a certain designation. (DB is normalized)

These requests work both in MySQL Workbench and PHPMyAdmin as a SQL Statement or accessing the view, however Wappler throws back the stated error. I may have to build a standalone page outside of Wappler to return the information (really don’t want to do that).

Maybe I can do a group by and count on the table and apply the filter post render… needs more thought. (sorry personal ramblings )

Crazy this happens on only views.


Check your mysql connection settings as below.

prepare Statements should be Auto or True (if auto does not work)


@Hyperbytes That fixed it! fantastic!

Had to set to True

Thank you,



Just wanted to post a quick response to say that this worked for me too! :slight_smile:

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An old post, but wanted to say thank you for this, was tearing remainder of my hair this morning with views, and just turning it to True, resolved my issues !!!