SC api action truncates query output

Wappler Version : 3.7.2
Operating System : macOS Catalina
Server Model: Nodejs
Database Type: PG
Hosting Type: Local Node

I have a simple paged query.


The response for given by Wappler is correct. An array of objects.



However I was having a hard time trying to send to an external API. So I inspected what was actually being sent by the API action step with

As you can see it’s truncated so I’m getting an EOF error on the json sent.

I tried the same with a multiple query instead of a paged query with different amount of results being returned.

It always truncates the last record. It doesn’t matter if I’m returning two records or 120.

So I think it’s purely a problem with how the API action step is dealing with the query output.

What are the settings of the api step, you send using post or put and datatype json?


thx, I was able to reproduce it, debugging it now.

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Here the update, unzip in lib/modules. (1.2 KB)

Confirmed. It works. Thanks @patrick

This has been fixed in Wappler 3.7.5

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