I can't select tables from another db schema (MS SQL) in NodeJS


as I wrote in the title I can’t select tables from another db schema anymore. I recreated my API in NodeJS and created new database connections with the new db manager. My new connection to our MS SQL server only connects to the standard dbo schema.
The “old” db connection prior Wappler 3.0 was able to read additional schemas.
Any idea how i can solve this?

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:


Good one - we will add a schema name option to the database connection settings for MS SQL


Hi @George, thank you for adding the db schema for selecting tables in queries.

Is it also planned to have the functionality in db manager? I only see the tables from the dbo schema (MS SQL) in db manager.

EDIT: I only tested in PHP. Selecting tables from another schema is still not working in NodeJS. At the moment I have a workaround with custom queries with copy & paste from Navicat, but it would be great if it could be changed after your vacation :slight_smile:

Any news on this? It is still not working in NodeJS.

Just to be clear you mean you want to see the tables from other owners than dbo?

Or the tables from different databases on the same server?


Yes :grinning:

Currently we support only public schemas.

Having multiple schema support is really much more complex - as we have to change all our query builders to allow to first pick the schema picking before getting the tables. While usually you always have a single schema.

Related feature request is:

So we can close this one as it is not a bug

Hi @George

I understand that it would be quite complex to change the query builders.
For me it would be enough to just see the tables to be able to create a simple query.
This is already possible in PHP with MS SQL. I just would like to have the same function in NodeJS. Would this be possible?


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This has been improved in Wappler 3.7.5
Now you can select tables from different db schemas.

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