Wappler 3.3.2 Released

Wappler 3.3.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

Now that we have added the major new features last few weeks, it is time for some bug fixing! So this week it is all about that! huge amount of issues reported in our community has been fixed!

For the NodeJS projects we have clarified how to use Server Connect Data for full server side rendering and improve your SEO! Check Using Server Connect Data for Server Side Rendering in NodeJS tutorial.

Next to that we also have improved the Mobile Development and the Framework 7 v5 support.
As requested by you, you now deliver two different versions of the Framework7 v5 - one core and one with App Connect integration.

Framework 7 v5

  • Implemented two different versions of Framework7 v5 for Wappler.
  • “Core” version is the bare bones Framework7 as it used to be in the previous versions where you have to code and initialize it yourself in app.js
  • “With App Connect” - is the full App COnnect integrated version where you don’t have to write any code at all and all components are first level App Connect components and can be used as such with their dynamic attributes, events and data
  • If you are upgrading from old Framework7 v4 it might be best to stay with the Core version
  • If you are starting a new mobile project it is best to choose directly Framework7 with App COnnect for the best visual integration.
  • Deprecated Framework7 v1 and v2

Mobile Development

  • Improved the new Blank Mobile template to include the latest Framework7 v5 with App Connect and also a base layout
  • Show the available design blocks when starting with the main layout

Framework7 Desktop apps

  • Added also main layout in the blank template on new desktop projects

Design View

  • Improved the local web server to support targets with SSL and also sites in sub folders.
  • The local server now also follows redirects if any occur.
  • Added Global Wappler Options to use White QRcode in Design View
  • Improved QRcode background size
  • Fixed stylesheet detection in Content Pages

Docker Manager

  • Updated the docker integration to the latest version for more streamlined support and monitoring
  • Improved fetching of docker machines

Cordova Manager

  • Improved fetching of target devices

Flow Editor

  • Removed invalid properties from the param options


  • Improved terminal command execution and output cleaning


  • Improved inspectors containing a popup dialog and their refresh. Like Flow actions with their editors
  • Improved speed loading of some App Connect popup Dialogs
  • Optimized speed of loading of modal popups in Wappler
  • Improved Wappler global tooltips

App Connect 1.9.13

  • Latest update for improved form validation in Dropzone

S3 Connector

  • Improved PHP version

Server Connect

  • Implemented global _ function for escaping variables containing spaces like _[“variable name”]
  • Improved Data Picker to show full hierarchy when picking server connect data. So that even complex conditionals are picked well.
  • Improved Server Side Data Picker for NodeJS
  • Improved debugging in ASP.NET

App Connect Data Formatter

  • Improved the Truncate text defaults

Server Data Formatter

  • Improved the Formatter Number and Truncate text defaults

App Connect Data Traversal & Data View

  • Improved Data View filter picker to show all fields to pick from

App Connect Dropzone:

  • Improved validation

App Connect State Manager

  • Improved errors handling in state manager localStorate and sessionStorage

Bug Fixes