Flow steps do not save

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Wappler Version : 3.3.1
Operating System : Windows 10

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

The steps should persist after closing and reopening the Flow.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

The steps do not persist.

How to reproduce

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So it does look like they appear after saving the file, but if that is needed, then Wappler should autosave. One remaining issue is related to Server Actions not saving in the Server Connect details.

Problem found - will be fixed in the next update

Do you know if this is the same problem as I raised here about flows saving? I was able to replicate the issue and sent you some debug files, but there wasn’t a resolution at the time.

yes exactly - similar problem - will be all solved.


Great - thanks.


is prompt UI issue fixed ?

Please keep the questions at the corresponding topics

Fixed in Wappler 3.3.2

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