How to recover s3 (aws) image url?

Wappler 3.2.2
Windows 10pro

how to recover s3 image url?

putFile1.ObjectURL does not work

@patrick this is bug?



I don’t understand why putFile1.ObjectURL is returning null?

I made some adjustments in the code which you may test. Place file in dmxConnectLib/modules. (1.2 KB)

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still returning null :confused:

What does it return if you use putFile1['ObjectURL'] as expression for the value?

Getting an issue on NodeJS, too - trying to use the output of the Put File - it just creates [Object] [object] when I try to input the value into the DB.

To be precise, if I use the put file output this is the url it creates when adding the dynamic output to the url string:[object Object]

@patrick is this a bug? if it is I will stop trying to solve :grimacing:

with a little effort I managed to do so


I’m not sure if it is a bug or not, but it seems that you at least have a solutions. Could be some strange php object that is being returned from the s3 Api that the expression parser doesn’t like.

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Finally figured it out, it was indeed some special class that was returned that our parser could not work with. Luckily they provided a method to convert their class into a native php array.

Here the updated file which has some other fixes also and will be included in the next Wappler update. (1.2 KB)


Hey @patrick do you also have an update for NodeJS you can share?

I don’t believe the NodeJS version had any of the issues that the PHP version had. If there are problems in the NodeJS version also then please post a bug report.

Ok. I’ve raised it a few times, but not a specific bug report - so i’ll do that this morning.

Fixed in Wappler 3.3.2

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