Wappler QR Code with white background

I point out that with Android smartphone scanners it is not possible to use the QRCode of the page
This is because it has a black background and clear QRCode
If I capture the image and invert it with Photoshop the QRCode works fine.
I think it is therefore better to present it in black on a white background, as usual

Are you using any specific qr scanner app?
Iā€™m using a Galaxy S10 and it scans the qr automatically with the camera and also tested with a qr scanner app, works without any problems.

And on an iPhone you just point the camera on the QRcode and it reads it automatically!

Yes with the iPhone, but I also have an Android Xiaomi MI9 with MIUI12 and Android10. To read QrCodes it has a dedicated Scanner App which can run document scanners or read QrCodes

For completeness of information, reading the QRCode with a dark background does not work even with GCam (Google Camera)

Will add an option to display it on white background

Just to let you know, I tried this with my Samsung S10 Note and it cannot read the QR Code.

A new project option will be available in the next update to allows you to use QRcodes on White background

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White background is now available for the QR code in Wappler general settings.

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