Unable to attach CSV to email

I am trying to attach a CSV to an email but each time I try the binding to the Export CSV step is removed from the settings panel in Send Mail. It makes no difference if I Save the Server Action or just click away and come back to it. Video below:

This is on V3.2.1 (on Mac Catalina)

Similar thing was in a bug report from June 25. https://community.wappler.io/t/static-attachment-in-mailer-isnt-saving/22111
I am experiencing the same problem. But no solution yet. I hope it will come soon though.

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@George, Any chance we could get this plugged in the next update? It’s an urgent one for me, and it looks pretty urgent for @web-works too.

Many thanks

Would have appreciated an update with 3.3. including adding attachments to mails. Still not working yet.
Any time path when it will be available again? @Teodor @George

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Version 3.3.1. and still not able to send attachments with SendMail

this will be fixed in the next update


Fixed in Wappler 3.3.2

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