Pause new features and fix bugs/issues please!

Please take the following how I intend it; a statement of how I feel and NOT a complaint. I am in awe of the Wappler team and how productive you are.

I love how much development is happening for Wappler all the time however I have to say that I’m getting increasingly frustrated by bugs/issues not being addressed as quickly as they used to be. The focus on pushing new features appears to be nearly the sole focus of the team and I beg that you please take breath and deal with issues that have built up over time.

I have spent many hours on this forum, reporting bugs and making feature requests while at the same time trying to help others when they have problems but am feeling somewhat ignored.

In the past few weeks:

No response (although only 7 days ago)

No response (originally raised on another post on 25th June and added again 9d ago)

August 3rd - still no solution (although @george did acknowledge that it might be complex)

Although a workaround was identified, the issue still remains (26d ago)

The above are just my examples, I have read several threads where users have asked for the core product to be focussed on and @george even promised it after 3.0.0 was released.

I love you guys but please, I beg you, pause/slow new feature dev for just a couple of weeks to iron out some of the kinks that the devoted members of this forum are reporting.


Hello @bpj
Recent updates were great and big. it is quite normal that some areas are broken. They will fix it in a short time. You can be sure it’s on the bug list.


I appreciate that the recent updates were big but I just feel that some of the bugs aren’t being addressed like they used to be in favour of new features. All but one of the examples on my list are things that were reported nearly a month or more ago.

Do note that on each update we also fix bugs, it is not just new features.

We just prioritize the bugs and fix the very high priority first. So for a more lower priority and rarely occurring bugs, it is normal to take a bit longer to fix.

Also when more people have the bug and they keep mentioning it, we also increase the priority.

So nothing to worry. But just do a friendly bump for bugs that are really urgent to you so we can make sure we don’t mis any.


Thanks @George
I know some bugs are being fixed but these are the last 4 I have raised - none have been resolved most haven’t even been acknowledged. They’re not tagged with priorities or marked to be fixed in next update - to me they seem completely ignored.

To me these things a massively important. I’m reporting them because they’re stopping me (or at least making it hard) from being able to use features in Wappler.

Personally, I’d like to see there be two versions available. Stable and Beta/Preview.

Only problem I see with that is there may not be as many users testing and finding bugs and they will make their way into stable anyways. Unless you can have both installed.


That’s a nice idea but I don’t think is actually possible. A stable release may still have a bug found in it so it would be impossible to determine what goes into the stable and what goes into the beta. They already have the option in settings to enable experimental features so that kind of does what you mean. When they add something big (like the Theme Manager) it was an experimental feature until it was ready for stable. And v3 had a number of beta versions before the final release.


I do understand that implementation of new feature requests are based on the number of users needing them.

But regaring bug fixes, I think this is a very bad concept. I just feel as left behind as I build complex applications, finding bugs there and being set on hold as a special case.

I’m struggling for months with the same problems which are based on core functions. This MUST NOT happen.


From the point of view of a regular Wappler user, I share your opinion on this. I would prefer a complete bug fix to the introduction of new features. Even if you need to wait a few Thursdays without something new, but with full repayment of technical debt. Because in my opinion, any bug, even the most minor, should have a higher priority than the most necessary new feature.

Ideally, the rotation of the Wappler update would look like this: we have a version in which all bugs are cured, next Thursday comes and a version with new features appears (which generates new bugs), next Thursday all these bugs are cured (there are no new features), next Thursday a new version with new features and new bugs, and so on.

However, I also understand why the approach described above is not very suitable from the point of view of Wappler promotion. The fact is that bug treatment does not attract new users. And here are the new features attract. Therefore, making a priority in the direction of fixing bugs will reduce the pace of development of the community (which is not growing as fast as we would like).

I honestly can’t say which approach is best for all of us.

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For my 2 cents, I certainly love the new features like everyone else, I haven’t had a chance to test out some of the good ones this week due to other priorities.

I have notice at the moment though there do appear to be a growing number of bugs, some that I’ve logged such as issues with table sorting, that aren’t flagged to be fixed and could be over a month old. Similar to the OP. I feel some bug focus in the short term would be good.

Not complaining, but it would be my preference.

Well business 101 is that it takes 10 times more effort to attract a new client than keeping a current one.

But new features are not just to attract new clients. They also hear the current client base. i.e. S3 connectors and google places.

I personally don’t think that viral growth is a priority for Wappler at the moment. It is clear they want organic and manageable growth. And that is a good thing for everybody.

Nonetheless, a bug pass would be nice indeed for the sake of current clients. But not my preference at all as I usually work around them until they provide a final fix.


I agree. It remains to be seen what will happen if the community is left without new features for a month. And will only receive bug fixes. What then will appear in the posts? :smile:

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Well we did get a taste of it when the team was on holiday. It did feel good to start getting those updates when they got back…we all like shiny new things :grin:


I completely agree that innovation drives new customers in, which in-turn provides greater resources. I also love Thursdays, looking out for what is new. I would just like to see something like one week out of each month primarily focussed on bug fixing. This would still leave ¾ of the updates to accommodate new stuff. Don’t forget that recommendation from existing users is also very valuable to attract new business. If a bug is being reported, it is because the user is actually using something that isn’t working as intended. Often, that user is also giving up their time to the community to support other users (often saving the Wappler team from having to step in).


Eu entendo perfeitamente @bpj
I was working with Amazon resources marveling at them and suddenly it stopped working

I really think they should stabilize everything that we already have
are amazing features and just need to be stable

I’m seeing lots of green ‘fixed in next update’ tags today. Well done Wappler team :clap:

Although I usually wait a couple of days after the release of a new version to install, I think you are doing a very good job of keeping a fine balance between new features and bug fixes.

There are sometimes some very persistent users in the forum requesting features, we must all learn to be patient as they will be added in time.


Maybe we should just start adding new features every 6 months, like some other (huge)companies do :grinning:

I’m joking of course!


As long as you don’t follow another company we won’t name here and get rounds of VC funding, I’ll still be happy :wink:


Not funny! Don’t even joke about that! :wink:


Every user has their own agenda and needs. Some new features are critical to their project being able to go live, and others that feature is not relevant at all. Similarly to bug fixes - so perhaps those that are more vocal, just feel the pinch a little bit more on a certain feature that is holding a project up.

It’s likely very challenging for the Wappler team to constantly prioritise week-in week-out.

Perhaps a happy medium could be alternating weeks with a slight lean on priorities being either new features or stabilisation/bug fixing. That way those waiting for a number of bug fixes can be optimistic about them coming within a 2 week window at the latest (and no doubt some would get fixed anyway during the new feature release, like they currently do), and those waiting for new features the same.

That being said, I think the team is doing an incredibly job even if nothing changes.