Node.js project action api 404 error

Hello, everyone.
I build Node.js project.
and created database connection, action, connected it in APP.
and binded api value in paragraph.
but the api calling failed. 404 error.
What’s the reason?
I defined Rewrite route. but it cannot find the api path /:param1/:param2/api/…

This is a known problem with the last update and will be fixed in the next update this Thursday.

Thank you, George.
I am waiting.

Hi, George.
I fixed the API 404 error in Wappler + Node.js.
So I can call the api correctly and get response from database.

but I have one problem.
I defined “rewrite url” as /page/:param1/:param2
and called it dynamically (/page/1/2) in tag.

but in the the called page, I cannot get the params.
I defined the query params (param1, param2) in the APP define parameters.

How can I get the get parameters and use it in app frontend to call another apis.
Thank you for your effort.

Fixed in Wappler 3.3.2

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