Wappler 4.4.4 Released

Wappler 4.4.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Wappler 4.4.3

As Christmas is approaching we decided to add some big new components for you in Wappler!
So please welcome the new Project Updater! Now when you open a project in Wappler, an automatic check is done if any of the used frameworks have been updated and if so you are presented with a nice dialog giving you a great overview of what exactly can be updated and give you full control to do so.
So you are in full control of your project updates! See Using The Project Updater

Further more we have even further optimized our NodeJS integration with optional modules, so now even more node modules are only installed when you really need them!
A huge example of that is the Image Processor, which now installs the native Sharp library, only when it is used! So this saves you a lot of time and disk size if not used.
NOTE: If you do use the Image Processor currently in NodeJS, you have to save a Server Connect action that uses it one time, to mark it as in use.

Also we have added a full Argon2 hash encryption support in NodeJS now! Using a very fast native node module - for ultimate performance.
See Using Argon2 Secure Hashes

New Project Updater!

  • Now on Wappler project open an automatic check is run for updated files for all used frameworks. When updates are found those are now displayed nicely in the new dialog.
  • Use can choose per framework to perform the updates or not
  • A new toolbar button is available in the publishing toolbar to run the updates check.
  • When partial update is done or the whole update is cancelled, the toolbar button will give count of files that need to be updated.
  • No longer are files updated on page save - now it is all done by the Project Updater on Project Open
  • New files are now copied directly when framework is added or App Connect component used.
  • Updates are done with Project Updater
  • Added nice toaster alerts about the progress of project files checking for updates and the execution of those
  • Implemented the Project Updater also for mobile projects


  • More optional modules! Now image Processor only installs its Sharp native node module when it is used!
    NOTE: For existing NodeJS projects that do use the image Processor, you will need to resave a single Server Connect action that uses the image processor - one time to mark it as used
  • S3 Connector - added Location property to the putFile action response

Server Connect

  • New Native Argon2 integration for NodeJS
  • In NodeJS the Native Argon2 module for the best speed, included only when argon2 is used
  • Now the Argon2 password hash functions are available as Server Connect actions for both NodeJS and PHP


  • Greatly optimized speed of saving pages! Now thanks to the new Project Updater all files are updated globally on project open. So no need to do that on page save any more, resulting in huge speed gains.

Docker Manager

  • Improved upgrading to the new log files options
  • Greatly improved the docker compose file generation to contain more strictly quoted values, so that it works with all docker versions nicely.

File Manager

  • The new native file watcher is now fully available, without experimental options

Bootstrap 5

  • Improved Bootswatch 5 support

Form Data Validator

  • Fixed the min/max validation for range input

Fixed issues


But wait there is more: Wappler 4.4.4

Just a minor update in between fixing some urgent issues with Data Formatter dialog on the Mac as well auto installing now the optional NodeJS modules like Argon2.

We also have finally narrowed down the issue of the Bootstrap theme that keeps resetting after each new install - again only on the Mac and Linux!

So all solved now!

Fixed issues