NodeJS password hash cryptographic function no longer available

Wappler Version : Version 3.0.0-beta.5 (3.0.0-beta.5)
Operating System : macOS Catalina 10.15.5

Expected behavior

The NodeJS password hash cryptographic function is available :slight_smile:

Actual behavior

The NodeJS password hash cryptographic function is NOT available :frowning:

How to reproduce

Please, see the attached screencast :slight_smile:

Grabación de pantalla 2020-06-09 a las 13.06.41

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The Password Hash formatter is for PHP only, it uses the PHP password_hash method for hashing. There is not such method in ASP and Node. We will introduce more Cryptographic formatters specific for Node.

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I guess this means that the “Use Password Hash verify” checkbox has no effect for the NodeJS case, right?


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@patrick Any idea when this feature is coming? It seems pretty important, no?

Also, is there any recommended workaround in the meantime (e.g. using SHA512)?

Maybe this is of interest to you.

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Oh, nice! Any chance one can pull request into the core Wappler repo and that this pull request is pending?

This is a 3rd party extension. It can’t be added to the core as a PR. The file structure is different and the code wouldn’t work

Argon2 is now available for NodeJS as well.

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