Argon Module for Node

Requesting a module for Argon/Argon2id. Already available for PHP. Thread discussion here.


Is Argon going to be available on Node JS? It seems like it has been requested for a long time by lots of people.

I want to transfer several PHP projects to Node JS and this is a major stumbling block as users have already got credentials stored with Argon.

I miss the loss of focus on the extensibility framework.

If the team could put some focus on it to finish the SC extension features an Argon module supported by the community could be quickly developed.

But right now, extension features don’t allow to let SC know the hash is validated correctly and you can only resort to workarounds.

P.S. Completing extensiblity features for the frontend would also allow to put out there other AC components users want.


Cheeky question, but is this something that might be added in W4.0?

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 10.57.06 :eyes:


Argon2 is now available for NodeJS as well.