V4.4.2 Min Max Validation not working (NodeJS)

Wappler Version : 4.4.2
Operating System : MacOS
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: MSSQL
Hosting Type: NodeJS

Expected behavior

The validation for Min & Max is expected to check whether a number entered / selected (RangeSlider) by users is within the min & max number range.

Actual behavior

I have an input type=range field with dynamic bindings for Min & Max values. Since upgrading to v4.4.2, a validation error is coming up when any number is selected within the defined range. I have tried by typing the min & max range manually and it’s the same error.

I reverted the validation.js file to a previous version (4.3.2) and it’s working correctly. This is my code for the input field:

<input type="range" class="form-control form-control-sm edit-input" id="PilotRecordedNumberSlider" 
dmx-bind:id="PilotRecordedNumberSlider{{$index}}" aria-describedby="PilotRecordedNumberSlider_help" 
placeholder="Enter Value" data-rule-number="" dmx-bind:required="TemplateScoreRequired" 
dmx-bind:min="TemplateMinScore" dmx-bind:max="TemplateMaxScore">

How to reproduce

  1. Create an input field with type=range
  2. Define min & max values
  3. Enter a value within the range and click submit
  4. A validation error is displayed

This bug hasn’t been resolved since June - Number max validation won't work as expected
Use max/min instead dmx-bind:max

I have checked and Min/Max without any dynamic bindings are also not working correctly in the latest version. There was no validation error in v4.3.2. This error has only started in v4.4.2. The same code is working correctly when I reverted the validator.js file to the previous version.


Here an update.

dmxValidator.zip (5.3 KB)

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Thanks @patrick for an updated file; it is working correctly now :+1:t3:

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.4.3

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