Cannot change the First or Second join type in a Query Builder Modal

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Wappler Version : 4.4.2
Operating System : Mac M1
Server Model: Node
Database Type: MariaDB
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

I should be able to change the first and/or second field to change the table join in a query.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

I cannot change either. If I double click on either the first or second it just ‘bounces’ but does not allow me to select anything else.

If I try a new join with the + sign, then I can select a different first join - but the second join is blank and I cannot edit or change.

I have exactly the same issue. Creating a new query, added a table to do a LEFT JOIN, selected the ID field but unable to change the Operator and Second columns.

Hi - is there a suggested workaround for this bug?


I had to end up creating multiple queries instead of using joins. Hopefully the next release will be soon as it’s not a good way of doing it.

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This is not working in PHP either.
The query builder is broken and you can not create joins. You can only select the first option but you can not select an operator nor the second value to assign the fgn keyword.

Plz guys fix it the soonest possible. I know you are always up and fixing things immediately. To not be able to create even the simpliest join is very crucial.

You can create Custom Queries and use them instead.

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Agreed. I need to use this functionality this week pretty heavily.
Using multiple queries instead means that I need to rewrite it all later.

Unfortunately, it is not good replacement for a Paged Query.

I would also really like to see it fixed as soon as possible as working with custom queries is a bit of a hassle…

I’ve had to halt work on one project because of this so an earlier release would be very much appreciated.

Ouch this hits me, as well!

Same here… a hotfix would be very welcome, as others have said I’ll have to remake a bunch of queries later.

I needed to do this too, so I just made a plan to cheat it into working.

Opened my query builder, selected the table to join as well as the join type like this

So I knew what I needed but could not select it, so i just clicked OK, the OK again to close the query builder.
Take Note of this name for the next step, then Save the server action.

Right click the server action, click Open in Code View

Find the section in the code that you took note of earlier query_url4

You can see table and column are both missing their parameters, just add in what you need like this

Save the JSON file.

Refresh the Server Actions list

Open the Server action, open the query builder, edit the join

If it is in there now like mine was, just press OK, and OK to close the query builder, and save the server action, then you can continue like normal.

Worked perfectly for me as a workaround till the issue is resolved.


Thanks @psweb but I have lots to do and this really slows things down.

@Teodor, is it fine to install 4.4.1 if I’ve already updated scripts since installing 4.4.2? I am going to need to go back to it as this is holding me up.

Thanks! This was the workaround I was looking for!

Looks like a Wappler IDE issue rather than a lib/core file issue. So going back to previous version should be fine.
If you use Git, you could also roll back the changes in Wappler file as needed.

Yes, that’s only an UI issue. Will be fixed in the update this Thursday.

I was thinking more of the updates to core scripts which happen when you save after updating Wappler. What happens if I then go back to a previous version of Wappler?

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.4.3