Theme manager resets after update

I haven’t validated this as a bug yet, but it seems like I have to generate and upload from the theme manager after every update… anybody else?

Same here. Though low on the list of priorities, this could be improved upon.

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This still happens to me. It seems to be when opening a project which I’ve not opened in a while. Projects I work on everyday seem to be fine even with Wappler updates. It feels like about 1-2 weeks gap is what causes it so tieing it to the Wappler updates makes sense apart from the regular projects not doing it. Hope that helps!

UPDATE: I’ve just updated to v4.0.1 and opened a project I was working on just yesterday and the first time I saved it reset the Bootstrap theme so it does seem to be directly linked to Wappler updates. I go into the Theme Editor, click the Rocket button and it’s all fine again.

This should be improved now in Wappler 4.4.4
It was an issue on MacOS only, but from now the themes won’t reset on Wappler update.

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