Wappler 5.4.2 Released

Wappler 5.4.2 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.4.2 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Huge amount of improvements and fixes this week! We have updated many extensions as well included all new rewritten data driven components for Framework7 now! So Using Framework7 with App Connect is now a golden combination to build dynamic data driven mobile apps.

Also the Capacitor components, like SQLite Connector are now available in global App Flows, which are also improved as well to provide you a great visual programming in mobile apps as well.

Database Manager is also improved to make editing of table data in tabs even more smoother.

And of course there are tons of fixes of issues reported in our Wappler community.

Database Manager

  • When editing table data in the tab editor, default the save to direct execution, because usually you want to save the data directly. The user can choose to save is as “changes” to be applied later, but default is now direct apply
  • Improved refreshing database schema on higher nodes. It gave sometimes a js error about data not accessible, when selection was outside the current connection
  • Always create directly the local database connections for mobile projects, not only after a table creation is done.

Design View

  • Improved rendering of relative content pages


  • Made Capacitor and Cordova frameworks only valid for mobile/desktop projects and show them as framework options only on such projects.
  • Improved editing content pages
  • Improved selection after a tagname change

Docker Manager

  • New options for logging for Traefik When using the older Docker Machines method. Defaults now to less logging, to prevent huge log file filling up your server. You just need to resave and deploy the new Traefik settings
  • Specify the external frameworks in docker compose in the new way as required by docker compose V2. Used also in combination with Traefik, as the old way was giving a deprecation message

Framework 7 for App Connect Components

  • Major update of the App Connect versions of the Framework 7 components for Framework 7 version 5,6 and 7
  • Now you can empower all major Framework 7 components like Accordion, Action Sheet, Autocomplete, Calendar Gauge, Notifications, Photo Browser, Picker, Progressbar, Pull To Refresh, Range, Sheet Modal, Toggle Are and Pie Charts.
  • Improved Framework7 and App Connect rendering of content pages in design view
  • Improved Are Chart component with better dataset selection
  • Extended also the Picker control with data sources for cols
  • Added sample data to render in design view for the Area and Pie Charts.
  • Fixed missing toBoolean method in login screen component
  • Removed old auto-dark-theme attribute from app component (v7)
  • improved error reporting
  • Set minimum Wappler requirement to 5.4.2

App Flows

  • Fix losing $params when there is a single action

App Connect

  • Improved form reset when using with websockets
  • Removed readonly attribute for selects as it wasn’t valid there

App Connect Flows

  • Updated Flow Actions, fixed setStorage, removeStorage, setSession and removeSession
  • Added new actions getStorage, getSession

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • Removed readonly attribute for bootstrap selects as it wasn’t valid there

Smart Image Processor

  • Added support for WebP as image format, NodeJS and PHP only. Now you can fully load webp image and process them as well convert other formats to WebP for optimizations.

Server Connect JWT

  • Added support for ExpiresIn in PHP

Server Connect

  • Check if Server Action file is saved before opening a preview in browser. Offer to save it first
  • Improve action not saved check.
  • Improve watching of the edited Server Action file for external changes.

Database Connector

  • Improved sub table handling with joins for PHP and NodeJS

Fixed issues