Parameters disappear in App Flow

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Parameters disappear in App Flow. I repeated the setting several times, but each time after a short time, the parameters in App Flow disappear and in the main code too.

there is also a similar problem when previously filled parameters cannot be viewed and edited in the binding window

What is the structure of your page and where are the elements you add actions to placed? Is it a content page?

Is it maybe because they are in a dynamic modal?

Could you produce a minimal test case? To show when exactly it happens?

This problem exists in modal windows as in the example below, but it also occurs in other cases, in elements on the page or in the app flow

CleanShot 2023-02-18 at 13.56.46

Same here. Created a very simple App Flow with a single paremeter. Was kinda surprised that i couldn’t see the parameter in the app structure, went back to the flow, and the params are empty.

Fixed in Wappler 5.4.2

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