Routing / content pages: my Wappler is broken

Wappler Pro 5.4.1
Windows 10 Pro
PHP 8.xx, Mysql 8.xx


Since the last three updates I have a serious problem with the design editor when I edit a content file. I can’t edit the elements like before.

In the main page, everything is displayed correctly.

I put the latest version of Wappler…

To check, I created a new Web / PHP project.

Here is the result.

Can’t work on my projects or back to old Wappler version.

Please help!

Hey @Wlady972

Try setting links relative to root in the project settings. If that still. doesn’t help, check all script and stylesheet links in your (layout) pages and prepend them with a ‘/’.


I have made the changes as indicated, but it does not work.

Links relative To : Site Root

Put a / in the main page
doesn’t works.

I use PHP/Apache not NodeJS

I uninstall Wappler
All is ok with Wappler 5.3.0

This looks the same as this thread:

I had hoped that this would only affect version 5.4.0 and NodeJS / MacOs; because this has been happening since version 5.3.2

What framework is included in your content page? And is it linked to a main page?

I use Bootstrap 5

My content page :

We found the issue with PHP pages specifically, we hope with the next update to have it fixed.

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Thank you,

Please note also, for my previous projects, that the solution used for NodeJS works only halfway:

we can’t save the changes.
This error message appears:

See ya !! :vulcan_salute:

Is there going to be an update today? I know there was a team-building break but this is so painful and time consuming to us users that I hoped a small fix could be issued today :pray:

There won’t be an update this week unfortunately.

@teodor, @george,
I find this HUGELY disappointing. This is a fault that breaks the normal operation of the UI so should be prioritised and released asap. On a daily basis it is adding huge amounts of time to simple workflows because I have to manually update head page references and then correct them again. I implore you to reconsider not issuing this update today.

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Meanwhile, because I don’t know if Wappler will release an update or not, I put the links for an old version here:


Fixed in Wappler 5.4.2


Nice update, but i had a big Windows crash with my main old project (memory full, black screen, etc.)

Before writing this post, I closed and restarted Wapller more than a dozen times after each modification attempt.

Rebooting an reload the Test.project

Endless update.

I close everything and I restart Wappler

You should not forget that you asked me to set my project with the relative links in “Site Root”.

I open my page and set the routing…

    • click on the folder icon. Link the page. A “/” has been add in front of it… (Url)
    • then we click on the arrow icon to open the child page.




Open my file via the file manager

Modify the wrong Head Page: OK

And try to open my “Head” page:

Not obvious…

I’m going back to my basics:

Links relative to Document

The update fixed the main issues.

  • Links with Documents Root
  • Styles,
  • crashes,
  • database, etc.

The “Links relative to Site Root” mode needs to be reviewed.
Please try to fix outside of NodeJS and especially outside of Docker which is a big consumer of resources on Windows (all sectors combined).

Thanks a lot.


I found one of the problems related to the routing bug reported earlier.

In the old versions, I could use the server connect of the main page in the subpages.


Since version 5.3.1, I have to reproduce the Server connect in all child pages… Is this normal?

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