App Flows: Params disappear, Toasts and Bootbox not working (properly)

Not sure if this is an issue with content pages, but I have multiple issues here.

You app Flows doesn’t seem to be saved (blue dot in tab name)
I tried to reproduce the $param problem - but it doesn’t happen to me. When saved close and reopen of the app flow retains the parameters.

As for the scripts those are added when you assign select the app flow - in the app flow component.
Also works all fine to me.

Maybe there is something different or other steps you are taking? Again maybe app flow was not saved yet, or maybe you added the toasts later on? After the app flow was selected on the page?

Well, that was now reported a couple of times, so certainly an issue :slight_smile:

For me 100% failure rate: add a param, save, close the editor and reopen again: params goneCleanShot 2023-02-18 at 20.14.03

found the problem about the disappearing $params :slight_smile: will be solved in the next update


Fixed in Wappler 5.4.2

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