Wappler 4.0.3 Released

Wappler 4.0.3 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

And we are back with a great stability update of Wappler! Tons of bug fixes and features.

We have greatly improved the Server Connect and App Flows Tab Editors! Now your edits are automatically preserved and restored on Wappler restart, even if you haven’t saved them. Just like the other tab editors.

Also the general Wappler shortcut keys has been standardized and made to be more in tune with the specific OS Wappler is running on.

A new Shortcut list is now available under the main menu / Help / Shortcut Keys
We have improved our Wappler security and login, so you might need to login again after first launch.

A lot of Bootstrap 5 fixes and improvements are now implemented, next to the many other issues reported in our community.

Monaco Code Editor

  • Make Monaco scrollbar transparent to see the markers on them
  • Make tab highlight more visible


  • Update Wappler security and login - you will have to login again on first Wappler start
  • Update general shortcut keybindings and add a list of all available shortcuts in the main menu / Help / Shortcut Keys
  • Improved search panel
  • Add frameworks even if no style file is defined - improved check for it
  • Add the user style file after frameworks on new files
  • Improved general layout and auto resizing of design view and the errors pane
  • Optimize the terminal to work even if no WebGL2 is available on the system
  • Improved Error reporting to Sentry and also updated the Sentry server to the latest version
  • Improved Save All to add the correct ac:route per file

Bootstrap 5

  • Implemented Switches and add them as horizontal and vertical form groups templates
  • Correctly style selects with form-select class
  • improved convertor to convert bootstrap 4 selects correctly to the new form-select class
  • Added new list group items with checkboxes and radio controls
  • Added Custom List Items and Custom List Items for flexbox based custom items under List Group and Action List Group
  • Adjusted Secondary text to be <small> with or without text-muted class

Bootstrap 4 & 5

  • Automatically show alert in design view when selected in the App Structure or when its elements are selected, just like the modals that are normally hidden.

Design View

  • auto refresh also Bootstrap alerts in design view when properties are changed

Git Manager

  • Enable long path support for windows
  • Improved git diff editor
  • Improved width for branch button

Database Manager

  • Improve Database Manager schema fetching for sqlite3

Project Manager

  • Improved New Project icons state

Stripe Integration

  • Add the latest Stripe API including
  • new output redirect url for CreateCheckoutSession - note you need to delete and reapply the action to see the new output options
  • new Quotes management API

Server Connect Tab Editors

  • Improved automatic save and restore of the unsaved Server Connect Actions open in tab editors
  • On action rename automatically rename also the tab. Also the code view tab if open as well

Server Connect

  • Improved Route picker in Server Connect to select root relative links
  • Added Bootstrap 5 Form Generator to the Server Connect Form generator choices

App Flows Tab Editor

  • Improved automatic save and restore of the unsaved App Flows Actions open in tab editors
  • On action rename automatically rename also the tab. Also the code view tab if open as well

App Connect Formatter

  • Fixed quoting of the sort formatter

Server Data Formatter

  • Improved the flatten formatter parameters

Server Data Formatter Crypto

  • Added HMAC hash formatter for PHP and NodeJS

App Connect Form Validator

  • Updated validator to clear radio/checkbox valid/invalid state after reset

Fixed issues


But wait there is more!

Just released Wappler 4.0.3 to address some urgent issues with Page Flows and other minor issues.

It should be all fine now!