List of shortcut keys

Wondering if one of the team members could put together a list of all the shortcut keys available in Wappler besides the most common ones.
NOT like CMD+C CMD+V CMD+S as i think most users already know all those but stuff that is Wappler specific like
CMD+/ code commenting
CMD+SHIFT+F Find & Replace
CMD+G Find Next

I think i miss quite a few things i do manually because I do not know the Wappler shortcut key for it.

Hi Paul,
It’s already available here: Wappler Shortcut Keys

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I am so sorry, with the amount of time i spend on these forums i can hardly believe i have never seen that post, sorry guys, and thank you, what was i thinking as if the Wappler Team had not already done this, haha

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A bit besides the topic, but is it possible get a normal menu line and/or buttons on top of the wappler window? I see it it some of the videos, but have found no way of showing it. I miss all the buttons and pull down menues Im used to from other programs. Instead of having to look up seldom used shortcut keys all the time

The top menu has been removed from Wappler UI due to many user requests, as it takes too much valuable real estate.
The main menu is located on the right now, just as you can find it in Google Chrome, Firefox and many other applications:

I know that, but to timeconsuming to use, what I miss the most is the save button, also the meny does not contain find and replace. I hate keyboard shortcuts, it is so easy to hit the wrong key :slight_smile:

In my opinion shortcuts and especially the ones for the most used operations - Save / Find are really a better option. When i am working on a file it’s 10 times faster to do Ctrl+S to save it, instead of moving my hand, grabbing the mouse, moving the cursor, opening a menu and clicking Save.
Same goes for Find/Find+Replace - Ctrl+F / Ctrl+Shift+F.
I can’t imagine how much time on a daily basis will be wasted if i start using the mouse for these simple operations, especially when i need to save/upload/preview in browser a web page i am working on every couple of minutes.


Just on a fun note. I remember the blogging series tutorial by @Hyperbytes (I think).

Useful as it was(and still is!) it was soooo painful to see him going through the menu to save the work so many times! I wanted to pull out my eyes every single time :joy:

Indeed shortcuts is the way to go forward. But I do understand that some baby boomers love that file and save menu-action! :stuck_out_tongue:


Which reminds me of the following discussion :smiley:


I love this community! “Anonymous menu clickers” :joy:

I’m pretty sure I have missed so many funny gems from the past. Glad I am here now though.

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Menus are actually my preference however I also believe it is better in a teaching situation as it is more visual. Which reminds me must finish that blogging series some time,


This has been added to the Wappler menu:

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