No more save / save as in wappler 2 beta 2?

Why hide such an important action ??

Good question …

@vdweyer which option is hidden?
The same menu can be found in other software products such as Chrome, Firefox etc.

Also saving file is the same as in any other app using the ctrl+s / cmd+s.

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Personally i love the extra screen space this allows by doing it the new way. The old menu looked very dated and wasted space. Not such a problem on my main multi monitor setup but on a laptop makes a big difference


Glad someone asked the question. It was driving me nuts having to keep making browser requests to save files. I wondered where all the stuff had gone to.

Hi @wld
Isn’t Ctrl+s / Cmd+s working for you, or are you always using the main menu to save the files?


Frankly I never thought of using Ctrl+s. Too straight forward. I have also gotten to used to using mouse rather than keyboard so it is learned muscle reaction. No problem now, just thought something was missing.

Ah i see. I thought it was not working for you :slight_smile:
I’m constantly using ctrl+s (save) ctrl+c (copy) and ctrl+v (paste) along with other shortcuts so never thought someone could be missing clicking the top menu for these operations.

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I have a confession @Teodor, I also am a habitual menu clicker.
The only shortcuts I use regularly are copy/paste/cut but I am getting used to the new menu.
It doesn’t make me a bad person - honestly :grinning:

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I never said that :slight_smile:
I was just probably judging from my perspective, especially for the Ctrl+s shortcut I’m using a thousand times per day.
I was just curious if the shortcut was broken.

lol, just joking Teodor, never thought you were judging in any way. guess my obtuse sense of humour doesn’t always translate easily.

“Hello, my name is Brian and I am a menu clicker” :smiling_imp:

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Haha I’ll setup a hidden “anonymous menu clickers” category in the community then :grinning:


I’m in the same boat as Teodor here, I thought the menu commands were only there in case i needed to teach my 90 year old grandmother how to send me an email, or for youngsters that just got their first computer a week ago.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a guy that can write sql commands like Brian, to be a menu clicker.
I love keyboard shortcuts, I do not even think I would find half the stuff i use daily in the menu system.

Very interesting indeed, been a tough week, find out Dave is not a mac freak, and now Brian is a menu clicker, next thing I’m going to find Patrick asking how to make rounded corners on Stack Exchange.

Not so much I use menus all the time (although i do a lot, i use them like a brief thought pause) but I think they are part of the learning process in tutorials, shortcuts are non visual, the learner may not understand what has been done, menu clicks are explicit

Yeah when I watch your tutorials I often think it’s a good thing you use use the menu so we can all see.

The only thing I would love to see more of in your tutorials, which I know is difficult because of limited screen real estate, is the code view at times too. I remember at one point all Teodors tutorials used to be on split screen, and then it changed to just design view, but i do really love seeing the code change.

Good idea, sometime drop into code view and illustrate the code generated.
Hope to restart webinars in a few weeks, been a nightmare summer but things getting back to normal

I have watched all your webinars and I love them by the way