Wappler 6.3.0 Released

Wappler 6.3.0 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.3.0 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

And there it is - one of the most anticipated feature in Wappler - a full blown online PDF Creator as App Connect component! You can now turn any page area into a PDF content and enhance it with all PDF properties like headers, footers, watermark and additional styling. And the best part - it’s all done with App Connect! So generating full dynamic invoices, reports, certificates and more, and making them downloadable as PDF, is now a breeze with Wappler!

The best part is that all PDF styling is directly derived from your own Bootstrap 5 design that you already have on your page in Wappler! There also additional components for specific PDF styling like for headers and footers. See Using App Connect PDF Creator
So go ahead and try it. Note the new App Create PDF component is available on the Beta channel only.

Furthermore we have greatly improved the Bootstrap 5 Table Generator, so you can now create even more complex and styled tables with ease. This will give you more powers to use the table generator together with the new PDF Creator to create complex and styled tables in your PDFs.

Bootstrap is also updated with more options for the table styling and also the new Display 5 and 6 options for headers.

App Connect PDF Creator

  • New full blown PDF creator for client side with App Connect! Turn any page area into a PDF content and enhance it with all PDF properties like headers, footers, watermark and additional styling.
  • Added data properties for the header and footer for the page numbers
  • Implemented many of the bootstrap color styling for regular content but also specially for tables, table headers, footers and cells.
  • allow the pdf content to be any bootstrap column or other container non necessary nested within the pdf creator component, but just refered with the content option
  • improved table styling, bootstrap borders are now translated well in the pdf output
  • Improved bootstrap table styling
  • allow editing dynamic margins
  • Added page margins to the PDF Creator component
  • Added margins to the PDF header and footer
  • Added support for images
  • Added support for page margin and header and footer margins. Note make sure that header and footers fit the size of the page margin top and bottom otherwise they won’t be included!
  • Auto convert image and links urls to full urls in the PDF
  • Improved table styling
  • Improved PDF Header and Footer with custom sub tags for adding styled and aligned text and images in them
  • Improved PDF tags nesting and combination with other tags
  • enhanced support for images in headers and footers
  • Implemented PDF styles with font selector. Note the “Class Name” can be used as class in your content
  • Improved cdn links to be pinned to the right version
  • allow preciser table clumns width by specifying for wample w-100 on one column to be the widest
  • Added support for group dividers in table body and foot

Bootstrap 5 Table Generator

  • Improved table generation to retain existing attributes for table and cells
  • Improved insertion if tbody was selected and not table itself
  • cleanup nodes so any Wappler internal dmxorgdomid attributes are not inserted
  • Added support for adding and retaining table footers
  • Improved table regeneration in full pages

Bootstrap 5

  • Added table foot to the table structures
  • Removed deprecated thead-light and thead-dark - as those are now available as table-* color classes and already available
  • Add new background colors with contrast, so that you can utilize now the new contrast aware background colors that are automatically combined with the right text color for best contrast, specially handy when using both light and dark themes of Bootstrap 5
  • Added the new Display 5 and 6 options for headers
  • Removed deprecated text justify option.
  • Improved the tsecondary text to be only available under titles and also use the new text-body-secondary class instead of the deprecated text-muted
  • Add support for setting table group dividers on table head, body or foot

Bootstrap 5 Forms

  • Fixed form group initial template

Resource Manager

  • No need to refresh the servers list after project options changed. This should improve reliability of saving the resources.
  • Improved reliability - in rare occasions the cloud providers settings got lost on projects switch, should be all bullet proof now.
  • Removed Ubuntu desktop versions and unstable versions from the servers create list at Digital Ocean
  • Improved server creation for Digital Ocean. Introduced the use of new docker ready image based on Ubuntu, to speed up the install process.
  • Creating a server at digital ocean, still takes 2-3 minutes, While on Hetzner it takes about a minute and the servers are faster band cheaper.


  • Better mock for response object for scheduler that behaves the same as with normal web requests (will stop execution after a response has been sent)

Fixed issues