Cloud Providers Disappearing

Wappler Version : v6.2.1
Operating System : Windows 10
Server Model: Docker 4.21.0/Node
Database Type: MySQL 8.x
Hosting Type: DigitalOcean

Per George we had to uninstall Docker and reinstall an older Docker version (4.21.0) to resolve the problem here: Error launching services when Deploying to DigitalOcean with Docker

Following Brian’s video The Resource Manager Part 3. Local shared database, we were adding a Service>Database>MySQL to a DigitalOcean server when all the Cloud Providers disappeared?

Thinking the Project might be damaged we created a totally new project and used the Resource Manager exclusively to create a production and staging server on DigitalOcean along with a Database Cluster.

Deploying the project to Local Development displayed as expected. Setting up a new Staging Target “seemed” successful but when we deployed the Staging Target we received an error message about an incorrect URL. Then both servers along with the Database Cluster disappeared.

Searched Google and found nothing useful. Search on the forum and discovered these 2-posts.

Just upgrated to Wappler v6.2.2 with Docker 4.27.2. Hoping the ssh improvements would help. On our first attempt to add a Cloud Provider we received the “Provider Connection OK!” and then nothing happened. Tried refreshing the Resource Manager and the Cloud Provider just wasn’t there.

Do you mean you can’t add any cloud providers? Even after Wappler restart they aren’t there?

Are you also saving the project options at the same time or have them open?

Do note that cloud provider settings are stored per project.

So when making a new project, you need to connect again to the provider you want use.
And import or create servers you want to use.

If you really have lost the provider settings in your project, if you defined them you can always just reconnect the cloud provider and import the same servers.

Also just to know the provider settings are just saved in .wappler/project.json

so if you use git you can just restore the same settings.

Do pay attention which SSH key are you using when creating servers. If you store it in your project, then it will be available just for that project.

After experimenting with various combinations of Wapper & Docker Desktop versions I decided to start with a clean slate and upgraded to Windows 11. A new configuration of WSL2 was installed with Win11. We uninstalled Wappler and Docker Desktop. Following the docs and double checking with ChatGPT we ripped out every Wappler and Docker folder we could find to ensure a clean install. We reinstalled Docker Desktop 4.26.1 per this post Trouble Publishing My Site by @notum along with Wappler 6.2.2.

Installation was flawless and the new Docker/Wappler ran smoothly and quicker than ever before. Setting up the site including a Cloud Provider and Server on DigitalOcean also went well until I saved the Remote Target, that’s when the Cloud Provider along with the Server disappeared.

I was still able to successfully deploy to the remote server, (see screen shots below) so I believe that rules out issues such as SSH, DO’s API etc. Per @george I checked the project.json file (below) and the target for remote server seems to be intact. However, because I lost the server I do not have the ability to add an SSL certificate or the confidence to move forward with new sites let alone edit live sites until this is resolved.

Not sure if it is connected but there seems to be a few other posts in the forum about Cloud provider settings being wiped out: All Cloud Provider Settings getting wiped when changing Project Options Docker Settings, missing databases Database no longer shows up in Database Manager, along with remote files not showing up in file manager here Not all remote files visible in file manager

Please let me know if I am missing something. Short of a permanent solution I would appreciate opinions on a known reliable Wapper/Docker Desktop Combination to try next. Unfortunately, I have not used Git on any of the live sites we have up.
If you would like to see step-by-step documentation of the site creation process PM your email address and I will forward a PDF.

I would really like to Thank @george @ben & @sitestreet for your continued support, advice and counsel.

Yes please send a PM with step by step or a video of loosing the providers.

Also do note that there is nothing lost, the provider definitions can always be reimported.

You SSH key to access themselves is also either stored under your user folder or project folder.

And make sure you just use git - it is a single click backup solution.

We have identified the problem, it occurred in a very rare condition, but thanks to the detailed report of @mark1 we were able to track it down and it will be fully solved in the next update.

@George Not sure if this is related to this fix (if not I’ll log a new bug report…but if it is then no point)

It just happened to me that Wappler was seemingly using mySQL syntax to refresh a PostgreSQL DB server in Resource Manager and it was obviously failing and couldn’t refresh and get the Databased or Users for that DB server.

It only happened if you REMOVED the service from resource manager and then Imported it back in.

Once imported back in it could see it was a postgres DB server, but when trying to refresh to get the actual Databases and Users it used mySQL syntax to fresh and got an error.

like this: