PDF reports

How can I integrate the apps create with generate PDF data reports ?

Wappler doesn’t have this functionality. However, I’ve used http://fpdf.org/ successfully but it means hand coding.

Have a look at

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Also the Kendo library works amazingly well, can fully style with CSS so can replicate the page, with breaks between your repeats etc, just drop in a couple of script links and ‘go go go’:

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Also check this thread on how to use fpdf:

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Such a pity that you have not found this HTML to PDF converter for Wappler


I believe that is in Node.js only. I don’t see that in PHP.

I think @ben was joking. But would be a lovely feature to add.

I don’t think he’s joking. He’s referring to the custom extensions available for PHP and NodeJS:

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Ooh, I must have somehow missed that. Will now look into it.

Be sure to check the extensions section :slight_smile: there are quite a few interesting projects there.

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I’m not sure I’m comfortable with third party extensions in Wappler given how often Wappler updates. I see extension management being a real danger without a good extension manager like DMX has for Dreamweaver.

Umh, don’t see how are the Wappler updates and custom modules related?
Custom modules are custom modules, you put them in a custom location and they work there. Not really related to Wappler core files…

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Thanks Teodor, guess I really don’t understand how to install them and the technical details. I’ll watch for a module that I could really use and try to learn more.

This was my first detailed attempt at custom modules. Maybe it will help you get started: