Export as pdf of excel file?

Hello, wappler have built in the feature of export as pdf or excel for example the data on a table? Or export a chart?
Thanks you

Hi. Welcome to the community.
Wappler has limited built-in options when it comes to data export.
You can create a CSV file from a DB query result (table), and then download that.

Apart from that, there are no built-in PDF or Charting options.
You can take a look at one of our custom extensions for generating dynamic PDFs from HTML: HTML to PDF Action - NodeJS & PHP [Open Source]

Thanks you very much, and how you deal with excel?
Thanks you

Nothing for Excel yet. Haven’t had the use case.
You can save the CSV file with the xls/xlsx extension, and it opens find in Excel… but it does give a warning.
There would definitely be some package or tool for Excel out there like puppeteer which you can wrap into a custom extension and use.

You could implement Datatables

Yes. Datatable & Editables are great libraries and not costly either.
Only limitation I have seen is that they can’t do chart stuff to get a more detailed PDF exported. For regular tabular data - its amazing!

Which is editables, can you link please

Sorry, I meant Editor from Datatables.

@Ivan_Vilches Hi!
One of the options is to use Google sheets API. You could make a template file manually, and then load data in it and save (export) it as XSLX or PDF.
There is build-in way for Google API Authorization in Wappler.