Export table to excel, csv, pdf like datatables.js

I would like to have functions for exporting a query (on click) to csv, excel or pdf. Just like jquery datatables.js has ready made ”buttons” for exporting a generated table view.

I just did this through server connect the other day, I must tell you though it was not at all fun, because of the csv parameters i had to stick within.
Once the server connect component was made, it allows me to click an icon that downloads it, however it is not really made from the table as it appears on the website.
Maybe you can look at this and see if it might serve your purposes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8CT7vuGHwU

And here is a link to what i needed to do if it helps you at all


Hi Tina,
You can already export to csv and xml using the data export component.

xls ???

we can export only csv and xml …

Sorry, just a typo :slight_smile: it’s xml what I wanted to say.

PDF would be great also… just as the orginal poster stated as in jquery datatables :sunglasses:


and xls , xlsx :)))


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Hello Serhat,
George already explained you about the xls and xlsx files in another topic.

Hello Teodor ,
yeap , then closed topic for all users…
I dont know why it is closed

Wow, that didn’t look very easy… and my customers want an “excel” button not “csv”.
Probably easier to have a page with a datatables.js integration instead.

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Well vote for the feature request then. The more votes the higher priority it get

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I manage some business websites, They currently get XLS exports, made with early version of DMX export tool.
I think I would prefer to have XLS or XLSX export as much more client friendly, so for me this is also a big request.

there is a Jquery component for excel export:


maybe that helps

For Excel select Export to CSV and simply replace .csv with .xls. We have done this several times. No complaints yet. Have voted for the feature as .pdf would definitely be beneficial.


@Dave, I had to do the same thing, also worked perfectly for me, just a heads up though, in my particular case I had to create 3 different .csv files and then join them together with a little jquery, which worked great, except each .csv started with its own BOM at the start, so I landed up with a .csv file that contained 3 BOM’s. I managed to get around this with Patricks assistance and remove all the BOM’s from the .csv files and then on join rename to a single .xls and delete the 3 .csv files that created it.
Might help some people.


Up: Really need a decent built in export to pdf right now.


Not sure if this is dead in the water, but would like to see something like https://datatables.net/ implemented.

It would give us filtering and exporting without having to create the filters ourselves and exporting data without the need for server actions.


Count me in too!

Don’t forget to hit the Vote button up top!

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DUH… thanks for pointing that out - I’d missed it!