Wappler 6.0.3 Released

Wappler 6.0.3 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.0.3 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

In this Wappler update we have greatly improved the mobile and desktop development with Wappler 6.
An automatic update for the used Capacitor plugins is now available and it uses the latest versions for the Capacitor SQLite plugin and others.

We have also published a new doc about Mobile Apps: Routing with Bootstrap to clarify the best approach of routing in SPA mobile apps.

Also a lot of updates have been done in the visual App Flow Editor, making data bindings pickup more reliable and easy to use.

Also FTP publishing in PHP Projects is improved to support also different web root folders.

We have updated the App Connect 2 beta components to the latest versions.

The long awaited Dropzone component is now updated for full App Connect 2 compatibility. See Using the Dropzone Component

The Data Store component is also greatly improved with the new startBatch and endBatch methods, so you can prevent side-effects while doing batch updates in flows. See Optimizing Batch Updates in Data Store

And of course we have fixed many of the issues reported in the community. Thank you all for your feedback and support!

This will be the last Wappler 6 update for this year as we will be taking a short break for the holidays.
We will be back in January with more great updates and new features!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mobile Development

  • When using Capacitor and Cacitor extensions for Wappler like Capacitor SQLite, install or update the right modules for each major Capacitor version automatically.
  • Updated capacitor integration to include also the needed capacitor.js file automatically
  • Allow switching in flows from Capacitor SQLite query to custom query and back
  • Update the Capacitor Electron version to the latest 5.0.1
  • Update the Capacitor Core to the latest 5.5.1
  • When updating capacitor platform also check for plugin updates
  • Update of Node Packages from the bottom toolbar also checks for plugin updates first

Capacitor SQLite Connector

  • Added support for auto updating to the major capacitor version. Note Wappler 6.0.3+ is required
  • Include the latest Capacitor SQLite version 5.5.0 and related modules
  • Improved support for the latest Capacitor 5 and also the latest Capacitor SQLite plugin

Capacitor Camera

  • Added support for auto updating to the major capacitor version. Note Wappler 6.0.3+ is required

Project Publishing

  • Improved PHP project files upload and synching for projects using a different webRoot folder locally
  • Add support for PHP Composer deployment with Plesk. The composer file is now recognized and packages can be installed from Plesk Manager

Resources Manager

  • Fixed Starting SSH Agent from the context menu

Database Manager

  • Improved refreshing of database schema after target switch between different database types

Database targets

  • Improved generating database connections from custom target options for local servers
  • Improved SQLite connections for PHP sites with specified extra Web Root folder


  • Optimized the speed of closing of editors on project switch or Wappler closed
  • Improved account dialog with email and better UI

Project Manager

  • Fixed cloning a new project from git repository when an existing project is open

App Flows

  • Improved the App Flow Visual Flow Editor, more reliability, speed and cleanup
  • Improved pickers in App Flows to be within the App Flows only
  • Improved data pickers in Page Flows to show the $params for the current flow
  • Improved integration with the Capacitor SQLIte Actions in Flows
  • Improved the Capacitor Custom Query Action for SQLite

App Connect Data Store 2.0 beta 6

  • Added a startBatch and endBatch method to prevent side-effects while doing batch updates in flows

App Connect 2.0 Beta 19

  • Greatly improved rendering speed with multiple updates of inner text or inner html of tags
  • Improved cleanup and memory usage
  • Clear timeout in datetime component
  • Clear template reference in conditional component
  • Clear dmxComponent reference from DOM node

App Connect Validator 2.0 beta 2

  • Added support for validating Dropzone

App Connect Dropzone 2.0 beta 1

  • Full rewrite to support App Connect 2
  • Improved Bootstrap 5 styling
  • Improved validation with App Connect Validator
  • Improved styling

App Connect State Management 2.0 beta 3

  • Improved working of the Query Manager with the new App COnnect 2
  • Improved memory management and cleanup

App Connect Data Traversal 2.0 beta

  • Improved sorting dataview component

App connect Web Sockets 2.0 beta 5

  • Added the events connect, disconnect and connect error to the UI, so users can run actions based on thsoe events. The Disconnect gives also reason as data and also the connect error gives the error as message

Server Connect

  • Extended CORS options to allow you to specify “Allowed Headers” as well to choose to send credentials or not (default is on) also added additional methods like HEAD, CONNECT and OPTIONS. You can also click on “Add Common” to add most common allowed headers
  • Fixed missing cors methods in the Server Conmnect config for PHP
  • Added back the text coloring for the old action tree view
  • Improved data bindings pickup in grid options for some properties.
  • Always escape nummeric field names

Security Provider

  • Fixed adding security provider enforcer on PHP pages

Fixed issues