Wappler 4.3.0 Released

Wappler 4.3.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Wappler gains more native OS powers!

This Wappler update includes a huge architecture change! Now we are using native popup windows and dialogs to fully enjoy the native OS look and feel!
So now modal dialogs like Database Query Builder and popup windows like the Data Bindings are full native windows that you can resize or drag to any screen and position you want! The modal dialogs also have native close and maximize buttons based on the OS. So for example traffic lights on MacOS.

Note this is still and experimental feature, so you have to enable the native windows.

New Experimental Native Dialog and Popup Windows!

  • Now we empower the latest Electron technology and made all popup dialogs a nice floating independent windows that can be placed even outside of the main window.
  • All popup dialogs like Data Bindings pickers are independent windows that can be dragged and resized and also place outside the main window!
  • Modal dialogs like Page Flow Editor and Schema Editors are also independent windows now that can be resized and dragged! Those are still modal tought.
  • Add Elements dialog as well Add Server Actions are also independent windows now.
  • Improved add elements popup loading speed
  • Improved Add Frameworks popup
  • Improved popups cleanup and memory usage
  • Database Query and Connection now have custom title and are resizable
  • Improved custom title styling
  • Database Custom Query and Updater, Schema Editors, Server Action chooser now have custom title and are resizable
  • Show on MacOS the traffic lights only on dialogs - not popups
  • Use OS window rounding when available like on MacOS and Windows 11, otherwise not
  • Follow the MacOS user interface guidelines and use the right translucency settings for the popup windows and dialogs
  • Improved the App Connect Actions Editor with draggable toolbar
  • Bootstrap Generators, Security Provider and Form Data Validator now have custom title and are resizable
  • Fixed Server Connect Global Settings dialog
  • Improved positioning of the add elements dialog on top of design view and also App Connect Structure
  • Improved database dialogs
  • Improved focus management

Project Manager

  • When creating new project with Docker and PHP, now create a local Development target automatically with the needed docker settings


  • Prevent default zoom-in
  • Improved user style file detection in design panel
  • When Wappler is started again on Windows - but it was already started in the tray - just activate it
  • If Wappler editor crashes, now do a full restart or quit
  • Updated Electron to the latest 13.6.1

Database Connector

  • PHP: SQLite database path should always be an app relative path
  • Updated SQLite support for PHP

Server Connect Mailer

  • PHP: Updated PHPMailer to latest version

Security Provider

  • PHP: Improved session management, now renew session id when identity changes (login/logout) to be more secure
  • PHP: Improved to start only session when there is a session cookie, so that when not used no session needs to be started

Database Connector & Database Manager

  • Improved support for SQLite in PHP projects, correctly save the database driver name for both Server Connect and Database Manager

App Connect Charts 1.1.4

  • ChartJS updated to v2.9.4
  • Fixed labels

App Connect Autocomplete 1.0.10

  • Make autocomplete work with floating labels in bs5

App Connect reCAPTCHA 1.1.0

  • Updated the ASP.NET version - note the dll in the bin folder is renamed now from DMXzone.reCAPTCHA2.dll to DMXzone.ServerConnect.Recaptcha.dll
    So you can delete the old DMXzone.reCAPTCHA2.dll

Fixed issues