Window/panel position and resizing

There have been various requests in the pasts regarding the position of windows/panels etc., and the new Flow Editor has implemented some of these. Having the new editor appearing in the centre of the screen is so much more comfortable than having to work in the corner or edge of the screen, eg when choosing actions for dynamic events:

Also, it’s great that it’s moveable. Unfortunately it’s not resizeable, so when working with complicated flows, it’s going to be rather like working through a keyhole. Fortunately, there is an option to maximise the window, but the position is not ideal and can’t be controlled as far as I know.


Obviously these issues apply more to larger/higher resolution monitors, and I appreciate catering for such a wide range of monitors is difficult and perhaps it’s necessary to base decisions starting from the bottom as it were. However, having certain panels centred and resizeable would probably benefit all users.

I mention this again because the Flow Editor is already an improvement and wonder if this approach could be applied in some other cases.