reCaptcha Error

Hi all,

So I have been offline for the last few months due to Covid.

Now when I downloaded the latest version of Wappler, updating from 3.2.0, and updated my projects, I now get an error with reCaptcha.

Now, If I roll back to a backup before the files updated, I can login without any issue with reCaptcha.

Any help be grateful,

@Teodor any change you can help with this error?

What server model are you using? What have you changed on your page? When do you see this error?

Hi @Teodor,

I am using ASP.NET server model.

I have changed nothing on the page.

I had created this site(login page) when using a much older version of Wappler.

When I opened the site this week using the new version of Wappler and saved the page, it pushed a load of new BIN files to the test server. This is when I get the error.