What happened to maximise view table?

What happened to the table view window maximize view to full screen?

It appears the maximize table view window option has disappeared??

On a Mac - Wappler 4.0.5

Is this one going to get fixed, unfortunately it’s unusable at the moment.

I rarely use Database Manager, but a lot of my tables look like this too. As far as I know (I’m still on 3.9.9), this issue also applies to Query Builder - ie it can’t be maximised - which is more of a problem from my point of view.

I expect you know this, but in case not… if you only need to see some of the columns, you can select which should appear by clicking the icon next to the refresh icon. This might make the table view useable for the time being, until it can be maximised (or ideally, until it’s resizeable - or put into a tab etc.).

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Yes to Query Builder same issue especially when you have a long query gets a bit frustrating.

Maximize option is now available in Wappler 4.3.0. Make sure to enable the experimental features in Wappler General Settings.

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