Make action panel moveable

Would it be possible to make the Action Panel moveable? A small thing, but my new screen is really wide (1st world problems, I know), and it’s rather annoying to have to do any work with that panel over to the far right. I keep trying to grab and move it and remember it’s a fixed panel. Thx

This is already requested in the feature requests many times. Since you are on a very wide monitor your design likely doesn’t fill the editing window so you can drag the left side if App Connect Panel and drag it to the left top make it bigger. It will bring everything closer for you.

You can vote for it here as well.

Yea, I created that feature request post! Was hoping to see this feature pretty soon, but looks like it still may be a while.

The panel is now moveable in Wappler 4.3.0. Make sure to enable the experimental features in Wappler General Settings.

Awesome. Thanks!!