Wappler 3.5.4 Released

Wappler 3.5.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

This week we focus on stability and minor improvements. A lot has changed since the major update last week, so we made sure it is now all running butter smooth!
So all reported issues in the community are now resolved!

Also the Security Provider is now improved with new identify action to make it easier to work with the new Server Connect Global settings.

We even update the App Connect Swiper with a new setting to allow you to set the initial slide.

Security Provider

  • added support for global security providers for the permissions on the restrict actions
  • Added new Security Identify action to be used in global action steps to get the identity of the current user
  • Global identity is now outputted by default

Server Connect

  • Renamed the “Globals” per Server API Action to “Input” to reflect their purpose and do not confuse them with the real Server Connect Globals.
  • Colorized the Settings, Input and Execute of action steps with in a Server API Action
  • Improved setting of global default providers and their initial values
  • Improved line endings for the default PHP and ASP Server Connect files to be LF only
  • Improved automatic naming of action steps, starts with the plain name first like “query” and add number suffix only if it is already used
  • Copy Server COnnect files also on global settings save
  • Added ASP.NETsupport for the Global settings

NodeJS Partials

  • Correctly escape the partials template parameters

App Connect

  • Greatly optimized App Connect rendering speed in modern browsers
  • Show global Server Connect output data in each server connect action as output as well
  • Fixed conflict with recaptcha and serverconnect form
  • Fixed issue with flow script blocks inside router/view component

App Connect Actions

  • Improved setting of defaults for state managers

Database Connector, Updater, Custom Query

  • Removed the requirement of local database connection
  • Remove linking options for query

App Connect Swiper

  • Added new initial slide option as static as well dynamic attribute
  • Swiper initial slide is dynamic now

App Connect Data Picker

  • Fixed changed/updated event in datepicker

Server OAuth2 Connector

  • Make sure client id is always passed as string

Bootstrap Blocks

  • Always use just LF in the html code and not CRLF

Bug Fixes


Wappler 3.5.3

But wait there is more!

We couldn’t resist and fixed a few more bugs for your convenience :slight_smile: as well refined a few more things:


  • Added new focused data state for form inputs in App Connect, so you can show and hide other regions based on focused state
  • Improved handling of multiple spaces in the Visual Tag editor
  • Updated Security Provider for ASP

Bug Fixes


Another update for you - Wappler 3.5.4
an urgent bug was sneaked in last minute - all fine now!