Wappler 3.4.2 Released

Wappler 3.4.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Great new quality update for you this week, with tons of fixed and improvements!

We have greatly improved the project manager and project settings, to allow you to easy transition from different hosting types and project folder structure!
Now you can easily go from no hosting, to Firebase for free hosting and then to Heroku for NodeJS support!

Also the long anticipated JWT support is now added! You can now fully authorize external API’s or OAuth2 with JWT tokens!
So you can empower the Google Service Accounts for example to use securely their services or API’s
See Google Service Account Authorization with JWT

Project Settings

  • NEW: Now you can fully change the hosting type on existing projects!
  • Easily switch from basic project to Firebase, Heroku or Docker hosting afterwards!
  • If a new folder structure is required and a different web root, it will be all auto converted!
  • NEW: when changing the web root, for example when switching from plan to NodeJS projects, you can choose now to move all existing files to the new project structure
  • When choosing to switch model to NodeJS - the web root folder is now automatically changed to /public and a migration option is given as explained above
  • Improved prompt for Hosting Type conversion - to indicate that targets will also be reset if there are any old ones.
  • Heroku supports only NodeJS and PHP

Design View

  • Improved positioning of inline edit toolbar
  • Add utf8 charset to content pages head Issue #26273


  • NEW Visual Debugging of your NodeJS app with Chrome Devtools! Now the local NodeJS server is always started in inspect mode so you can easily debug your app by opening the Chrome browser, typing chrome://inspect and choosing “Open dedicated DevTools for Node”
  • Improved Server Connect schema parsing for NodeJS
  • Enable debugging with devtools only when the debug icon is checked in the publishing toolbar below.
  • Restart the local dev server when the debug icon is toggled.
  • Improved routing picker for root links to be just / and not ./
  • Improved image processor NodeJS (still no text support)

Docker Manager

  • Improved initial Docker settings creation for NodeJS, so that new modules are always installed
  • Also improved setting up docker on existing project with NodeJS
  • Added support for Wappler extensions with NodeJS


  • Improved speed of local web server greatly by caching project settings
  • Local dev server delivers now a 404 - no Active Projects found, when there is no open project in Wappler

App Connect

  • Added show and hide dynamic events for conditional regions
  • Improved data bindings picker when in data source was nested. Fixed problems with property name selections in formatters, keys on repeaters and binding fields on selects.
  • Improved styling of the validation error in Data Binding Pickers

Server OAuth2 Connector

  • Add support for JWT authorizations

Server API Connector

  • Improved handling of default values


  • New extension for working with JWT signings

Server Connect

  • Added support for JWT signing for NodeJS and PHP
  • Improved setting of default values for complex UI elements like grids
  • Added support for optional required UI values with giving multiple RequiredFieldValue as array

Bug Fixes