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About the Bugs category (1)
Slight problem with CSS (1)
Preview not synchronized (1)
Issue with keeping users logged in (8)
Windows: connect to SFTP (4)
Query bug: Data from Query (Left Panel) not the same as in App Connect (Right Panel) (6)
Unable to Delete Select Options (2)
Data from the wrong records being displayed (7)
SFTP problems on Windows (16)
Clone rule not working (3)
Swiper - strange behaviour when filtering query dynamically (16)
Minor issue - query builder not updating after field changes (5)
Swiper - slide vertical not working properly (3)
Dynamic Attribute: Show no longer works (12)
Bug Report from Gregg_LA #2018-11-7_10-18-12 (1)
Clicking on data binding does not select/display Expression (3)
Slugfy formatter with problem (5)
Wappler optimizations (4)
Animations not working for me (14)
Issues with server connect panel (2)
Server Validation Error not Autofocusing on Field - help? (3)
Dreamweaver created Database actions show empty insert/update panels (20)
Clicking on data binding doesn't display Expression (8)
Shortcut keys problems (6)
Bad screen design for query builder (important!) (6)
Small bug (form id doesnt show) (2)
Interface not updating when adding new elements (10)
Unicode/Charactercode Bug (7)
Bootstrap Progress bar missing (9)
Medium Editor Region In BS4 Modals Problem (3)