Wappler 4.8.3 Released

Wappler 4.8.3 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this update we have fully finalized our Native Windows and Dialogs implementation in Wappler!
Now Wappler fully looks, feels and behaves as a native application. Most popup windows and dialogs have now native look and feel and can be resized and even dragged outside of Wappler.
New window sizes are remembered and reused when called again. So you can customize this way your window size at your needs.

Database Manager has gained also some great new features like full support for Enums in MySQL and MariaDB, as well full support for UUID’s and generating of those.

Furthermore the stability has greatly been improved by fixing a huge amount of issues reported by the community!

Database Manager

  • Added full support for Enum fields in MySQL or MariaDB. Now you can define and change the enum values of existing fields as well
  • Improve creating references. Now always use the destination field type, as reference data type. So you can now reference to Big integer and timestamps as well, next to the regular integer
  • Improve detection of UUID fields in MySQL and MariaDB
  • When using UUID column as primary key - make its default UUID() so a new id is generated on each insert
  • Improved creation of UUID columns, now add the right defaults to auto generate UUIDs when used as primary keys on MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL and Postgres. Enable the “uuid-ossp” extension on Postgres if not enabled already to be able to generate UUID v4
  • Improved UUID handling for MS SQL Server as “uniqueidentifier” native field. Also handle it well in the Database Table Editor in tabs
  • When enums are used, auto populate the UI options (experimental) with the input values when using type radio, checkboxes, select or multi select
  • Also pass the input values to server connect inputs to be used for later UI generation
  • Improve the switch back from advanced to normal view
  • Add support for detecting JSON field types in MariaDB
  • Add more checks for table parents
  • Improved changing existing fields to references
  • Improved undo of references changes
  • Improved cleanup of reference fields

Native Windows & Dialogs

  • Fully finalizing the native windows and dialogs integration in Wappler. Now they are no longer experimental, but always available.
  • Improve display of cascading windows. Now show them with offset to indicate the stacking order

Project Assets Updater

  • Improved the updater dialog when used on mobile projects

Database Query Builder and Updater

  • Fully implement sub tables in schemas as well
  • Add the main query table to the dialog title to distinguish nested query dialogs
  • Sub table support is official now - no longer only with beta extensions installed only
  • Show sub tables with more than one level nesting also in the available tables list dropdown.


  • Improved support for making nested queries with different reference types
  • Fixed invalid expires option for setcookie

File Manager

  • Improved file watcher restarting on project change

FTP Connectivity

  • Improved the ftp connection test for NodeJS


  • Improved system check and detection of the NodeJS and Docker versions

Docker Manager

  • Improved running docker machine state fetching

Theme Manager

  • Do not reset to default theme when adding new pages

App Connect

  • Added more event positioning properties for the mouse wheel events
  • Improved behavior of required numeric attributes of components. Now use them only if they are a valid number, otherwise use default

App Connect Tagify

  • Improved wrapper template

S3 Connector

  • Improve the create bucket properties title

App Connect JSON Data Source

  • Fix the case of the load action.

Server Connect

  • Removed old Bootstrap 3 option

Fixed issues