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mySQL 8

Little confused here…

Before all of my tables were showing up correctly but now I am unable to see the table “product_image” in wappler.

NOTE - I have refreshed schema / made sure there are no Foreign Keys / Etc

It is still visible in mySQL Workbench for example (see photo).

You’ll see it is not in the DB tables for wappler in the photo below. I have no clue how to troubleshoot this as it all looks good on mySQL Workbench side.

Initially the table showed up in wappler correctly…


I was trying to make the “product_image” table a sub table of Product >> Variant >> “product_image” and my guess is something got messed up when doing that. I reverted the table back to it’s original state but still never shows up in wappler now.

Any Ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

By creating a second connection to the db you’ll see it’s now showing…

Is there a reason this is happening in an .ini file maybe?

Also, why does the “refresh schema” when you click on the main project not refresh all schema? I find you need to click refresh schema on each table for it to work properly and maybe that is part of the issue?

Make sure to always check if your dev environment is in Development vs Remote like so.

You really should see your sub tables like product_image, product_tag, product option listed under the product table without the product prefix.

Try refreshing your schema by pressing F5 or choosing Refresh Schema from the context menu when the Tables node is selected.

If they still doesn’t appear, send me an sql dump of the schema of those sub tables together with the main product table, so I can try to replicate the issue.

Hey George,

So updated the new 4.8.2 and took care of the missing “product_image” table.

However it really should be a subtable of “product_variant” and it’s not showing up that way. I’ve included the DB dump if you wanna take a look.

You’ll see this weird db that was created also I included not sure where that came from but thought i’d throw it in there. “kodiak_app_product_variant_product_img”

        > variant (subtable of product)
            > product_image (subtable of variant)

Product_tag / product_option have not ben configured yet so wouldn’t worry about those!

I checked your tables and the product_image should be named product_variant_image to be placed under variants - otherwise because it also has a product_id - it seems to be more related to the product itself.

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This has been fixed in Wappler 4.8.3

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