Wappler local server does not restart after API file save

Wappler Version : 4.8.2
Operating System : mac
Server Model: node
Database Type: maria
Hosting Type: Wappler local node

Expected behavior

The Wappler local node server should restart if an API file (or library) is saved.

Actual behavior

A manual restart is needed to see changes.

Does this happen in any specific cases only?

As I tested saving server connect API actions, as well nodeJS (ejs) pages and in both cases the local Wappler server got restarted. tested on Mac as well Windows.

We use file watches to detect file changes and restart the server based on that. So it should usually work always.

Okay, I’ll find a repeatable case and post a log.

I think I found the problem. Was a bit odd situation when you started Wappler with a different node project, then switched to the local wappler node.

Then it seems under Mac the file watcher wasn’t always activated. This should explain more reports on files not being seen as changed in git manager or tabs as well

So it will be solved in the next update.


That would make sense for me…switching projects often, some with docker targets, local node, wappler node, etc. Thanks George.

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.8.3

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