4.8.2 Database Manager - non direct connections

At least in 4.8.1 I had a workaround to be able to use db manager. Now it doesn’t work at all.

This database Manager has been nothing but trouble. Now I am completely stuck again.

Brad, is that happening with some specific project and specific database server/connection?
What if you test with a other one, is the same happening? We have no problems with the database manager here and cannot recreate the issue.

I have tried on three projects. Four different databases. Seems it’s only one database. Unfortunately it’s my most important one.

I will play around a bit more and take some videos.

Brad this is the same issue as last week!

Just make sure you use direct database connections in the database manager.

Yes same issue as last week. I am using direct connection. Without direct connection the tables aren’t even available to refresh.

Difference from this week to last week is that last week I could turn direct connection OFF and it worked.

You don’t need to turn the direct database connection off Brad!

Just edit it, test it, save and refresh the tables schema in the database manager.

That is exactly what I am doing. Haha.

And it’s not working.

Does number of tables effect it? That database has 64 tables in it. That is the only difference between the working ones and the non working connections is number of tables.

No, number of tables doesn’t matter.

It’s probably not using direct connections as you were still switching them off.

So change to direct, test and save and restart Wappler just to be sure.

Direct Connection is filled in and tested. Notice the error flag on the connection and tables. In this video I can get it to work sort of. I am refreshing a table and it gives an error. Then I have to refresh the schema on the tables folder then my schema shows up.

Just restart Wappler and try again

The only difference restarting made was the error icons were not there until I tried a schema refresh. Anyways, thanks, I will just have to find a work around for this database. :wink:

I also notice. that tables I refresh schema on now turn the table icon for that table green like it should. But when I restart Wappler they are grey again. But I don’t think that is affecting my ability to work yet.

Also, I have many (almost all) tables linked using foreign keys not created in the DB Manager. Could that be creating an issue? Just thinking out loud …

So it’s working now?

With direct connection Wappler reads all your tables and also keys and relations, no matter how are they created.

No, but I have a work around that seems to be at least allow me to work. I’ll just live with the errors unless it completely breaks. I have more tables to add today and more cells to add to existing tables. I’ll see how it goes.

Thanks, go have a beer. :wink:

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.8.3

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