Wappler 4.7.2 Released

Wappler 4.7.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

This week we are continuing with the improvements in our Database Manager.
Now we have greatly extended the possibilities to export a selected tables data as “seeds” so it can be imported later on remote databases.
Just select few tables, choose “Create Seed” from the context menu and the selected tables and their relations can be exported nicely in a database independent way, as seeds.

Furthermore we have optimized our sub tables and nested queries generation based on your feedback.
Also the Table Data Editor in Tabs is improved with better support for MS SQL Server and Postgres Multi Schemas

Another improvement is the ability to set the table collations for MySQL/MariaDB databases in the advanced options, so you can select the right sorting order and specify how case and ascent sensitivity are handled.

Last but not least we have also greatly improved our App Connect component detection, script includes auto insertion of those.
Now any missing script includes will be automatically added on page save and also when adjusting your main layout pages those will be auto saved.
So no more missing components or includes for you! Wappler takes care of it all automatically!

And of course we have many extensions updates and bug fixes as reported to our community.

Next week we will have a team building week, so we will be skipping the update unless there are very urgent issues. We don’t take Team building lightly, so we have to be fully focused on it :slight_smile: :beers:

Database Manager

  • Greatly improved the seed creation functionality. Now seeds from all selected tables and their direct relations will be generated automatically. The dependency order of all related tables will be followed and reference fields from the parent tables will be automatically filled in when parent is populated.
  • Improved Seed running - now you can choose to execute just the selected seed, or all
  • Improve validation when adding and deleting Multi Reference tables
  • Show warning when there is no primary key on Multi Reference table and you are adding additional sub tables or multi references to it.
  • Set default updated and delete referential integrity to cascade on new references in basic view
  • Improved MS SQL Server connections to make port always numeric as it is required
  • Added support for changing database table collation for MySQL/MariaDB - available as advanced option
  • The support collations are automatically fetched from the database and displayed in a user friendly, country based names, with case and acsent sensitivity options.
  • Improved refreshing of changes count after refreshing schema tables
  • Generate the collation changes to be MySQL/MariaDB only and do nothing on other databases
  • Improved UI refreshing after changing the case/ascent sensitive options for collations in MySQL advanced options
  • Improved retrieving if views schema in Postgres

Database Table Editor in Tab

  • Improved editing of data in Postgres databases from different schema
  • Improved MS SQL Server Database view and edit

Database Updater

  • Do not add aliases automatically with the same name as the table. Gives problems with MS SQL Server databases

Database Query Builder and Updater

  • Improved PHP version of nested queries and updaters

Wappler and App Connect Components

  • Greatly improved component include and linking to pages. Now missing script includes are automatically inserted on page save if missing
  • Main layout page is now auto saved when includes are added to it.
  • Updating existing App COnnect component is done now only with the Wappler Assets Updater on project open, or when the updater is called manually
  • When adding App Connect components which files are already available in the project - those are used.

Docker Manager

  • Improved compatibility with docker machine listing on Windows 10


  • Show label “Beta” on the main Extensions icon when user is using the Beta extensions channel
  • Show label “Exp” on the global options icon to show that the user is running with experimental options on
  • Fixed the create error report to include the log file on Linux

New Native Windows

  • Improved window focus management on Linux

App Connect Tagify

  • Fixed readonly

Bootstrap 5

  • Fixed BS5 tooltip

App Connect S3 Upload

  • Fix multi s3 upload

App Connect Sockets

  • Remove socket event listeners when component is destroyed

App Connect Event Calendar

  • Fixed opening hours on calendar

App Connect Beta

  • Fixed date formatters

Fixed issues